Valentine Love Bugs are a great alternative idea to bake for a loved one. These cute little cakes are made by baking a sponge using a spherical cake tin, and covering with piped, coloured buttercream.

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You Will Need
Wilton 6” Sports Ball Cake Tin Set (79972)
10” Round Red Drum Board (06RRWD10)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste (75001)
Cake Star Black Modelling Paste (75002)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Red (0675069)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Christmas Red (0675075)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Pink (0675057)
2x Renshaw vanilla frosting (0605813)
Cake Star Disposable Piping Bags - Pack of 12 (84798)
Jem 234 Large Grass Piping Tube (800988)
FMM Heart Cutter Set (86317) 
Culpitt Heart Plunger Cutters - Set of 3 (84776)
Clikstix Groovy Lower Case Cutter Set (78108)
Candy Pink Stripe Straws (15295)
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube (75053)
Step 1

Bake cake following instructions with tin, or bake in two basins and fix halves together with buttercream. Mask whole cake with buttercream.

Step 2

Roll out black modelling paste, and roughly cut a large heart shape for the feet. Place onto drum board slightly offset to back.

Step 3

Colour the buttercream with both red colours to a fairly deep pink shade (the colour will darken on drying). Insert piping tube into a piping bag and add some of the buttercream. Start piping a circle in layers around the ‘feet’ to form a base before the cake is placed onto the board. Carefully place cake into the base. Leave to dry. (You could add a little of the modelling paste mashed down with water, as glue, for the cake to be more firmly fixed in position).

Step 4

While the base is drying, make the eyes, hands, antennae, heart plaque for the front, and lettering.

Eyes: Cut 2 x 40mm circles in white modelling paste. Cut 2 x 20mm circles in black paste. Cut 2 x small hearts in white for the eye highlights. Fix eyes together with edible glue.

Antennae: Colour approx 50g of the white modelling paste pink, leaving a tiny piece a lighter pink. Cut 4 x heart shapes in pink, with the large cutter from the FMM set. Cut 2 x smaller heart shapes in the paler pink for the inner piece. For each antenna, glue a back and front heart together, and insert the end of a slightly flattened straw up the centre. Add the paler inner piece onto the front. Leave to dry. 

Hands: Roll out black sugarpaste and following the instructions for the antennae cut 4 x black hearts the same size and fix onto straws. Allow to dry. With a tiny piece of black sugarpaste, make a nose.

Front Plaque: Roll out pink sugarpaste and cut a large (80mm) heart, using cutter from cookie set. Leave to dry. Add lettering ‘be mine’ onto the heart when dry. Cut out letters for inscription ‘Be my Valentine’. Allow to dry. Note: lettering is made with leftover white/pink modelling paste and marbled.

Step 5

Continue piping the red buttercream around the cake, from the base to the top.

Fix the antennae, hands, eyes, nose and front heart in place on the cake.

Add the inscription onto the board, fixing with edible glue. Fix the ribbon onto the board edge, and finish with the fabric rose.

Supply List
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