These mini Easter nests are perfect to make with children and taste delicious!

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You Will Need
Callebaut Milk Chocolate (6193)
Callebaut White Chocolate (6194)
Shreddies Cereal
Sprinkles Hundreds and Thousands (25106)
Mini Eggs
Small 5” paper icing bag (83151)
Step 1

Melt milk chocolate, stir in Shreddies and place in piles on baking parchment.  Leave to set.

Step 2

Just before chocolate has set, sprinkle on the Hundreds and Thousands to add colour.

Step 3

Melt a little white chocolate, place into piping bag and drizzle patterns for the top of the nests onto baking parchment.  Leave to set. Place these onto nests to contrast with the darker chocolate, and top with mini eggs.

Supply List
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