These mini lace cakes are so elegant and so easy to create using our cake lace starter kits!

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2” Round Cakes (minimum of 2.5” deep) cut out from sponge, or baked in Mini Round Cake Tin Set (88538). Covered with white sugarpaste (74229) coloured in a light shade of Colour Splash Gel – Jade (0675064)

Cake Star Modelling Paste White – 75001
Colour Splash Gel Paste Raspberry - 0675068
FMM Easy Rose Cutter - 81706
Culpitt Cake Lace Starter Kit Cupcake – 10011
Pavoni Lace Mat Decor Strip 4B – 10025 (or any other mat of choice)
Jem Strip Cutter Number 1 – 800408
Cake Star Palette Knife – Cranked – 4.5” - 10602
Squires Edible Glue (59663)

Make up Lace Mix following instructions on Starter Kit pack.  (80ml warm water to 100g lace mix powder).  Mix for 2 minutes in a bowl using a food mixer.  (This mix goes a long way so we recommend that you make up only ½ or ¼ of the full quantity.)

Spread onto lace mats and/or lace mat strip with palette knife making sure it completely covers mat.  Scrape off excess with lace scraper provided in kit.

Leave to dry overnight, or for several hours in a warm place.  Or, place in 80C oven for 10-12 minutes to speed up the process.  (The lace tends to be less flexible when using the oven method.)

When completely dry, carefully peel off the lace from the mats.


Colour the white modelling paste to a pale pink shade with Raspberry gel colour.

Roll out thinly and cut out with Easy Rose cutter. Make up rose following the simple instructions given on pack. These are very quick and easy to make! Leave to dry. Keep the paste left over.

Decorate the cakes with the lace pieces, using water or edible glue sparingly on the back of the lace to fix in place.

Add the roses onto the top. Cut out strips of leftover pink paste with the strip cutter, to make loops and strips for added detail on the roses and around the cake.

The lace pieces may also be used as stencils on cakes and cookies. The easiest ways of doing this are by simply using icing sugar straight onto a cookie to create a ‘doiley’ effect, or spray a sugarpaste covered cookie with Colour Splash Food Colour Sprays. You then have a piece of coloured lace as well.

Supply List
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