Brighten up your Mother's day with this beautiful ombre cake, with frilled sugarpaste edging and bright coloured sponge.

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You Will Need
10” Round Silver Drum Board (06RWD10F)
2x Cake Star Modelling Paste - White (75001)
Culpitt Brilliant White Sugarpaste 250g - (74229)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Strawberry (0675058)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Soft Caramel (0675079)
Culpitt Rose Petal Cutter - Set of 3 (81041)
Bulbous Cone Modelling Tool (84529)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Push Easy Alphabet Cutter Upper Case (84794)
Ribbon of your choice
Preparing The Cake

Bake a tall cake 4-5 layers, either plain sponge or coloured in ombre shades of pink (Our cake is 7” diameter)

Cake placed on drum board 3” larger than cake, masked with buttercream, covered with a thin layer of sugarpaste coloured with soft caramel and allowed to dry.

Step 1

Mix together 100g modelling paste and 150g sugar paste. This will create a soft but strong paste for making the frills on the side of the cake. Colour to a deep pink using the strawberry gel food colouring.
Roll out a strip of this paste to place around the cake base on the board. Neaten the edge.

Step 2

Roll out more of the dark pink paste thinly, and cut out rose petals a few at a time. Frill the edges with the cone tool. Starting at the base of the cake, place each petal onto the side, slightly overlapping, and using edible glue to fix in place. Make enough petals to go around the cake once in this colour.

Step 3

Continue with layers up the side of the cake, with each layer slightly lighter than the one below. To create the lighter shades for each layer, keep adding a little more white paste to the pink you have left over. For the final top layer, mix in a little soft caramel food colouring to white, for a creamy pastel shade.

Step 4

Placeyour chosen ribbon around the top edge to finish.
Cut out ‘MUM’ in leftover pink paste using the Push Easy Cutters, and place onto top of cake.
Finish off your cake with any sugar flowers.

Please Note: If you wish to have your frills facing up, start at the top of the cake and work down. An alternative to the single rose petal cutter is to use the FMM Easy Rose Cutter (81706), and cut the frills in strips to place on the cake. This would create smaller frills and give a slightly different effect.

Supply List
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