This easy step by step guide is the ideal way to reveal your baby's gender at any baby shower celebration.

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You Will Need
8” Round Cake baked to your own recipe in the appropriate colour (Add blue gel-0675061 or pink gel-0675057) masked with buttercream.
10” Round Drum Board – 06RWD10F
1kg White Sugarpaste – 0674227
Cake Star White Modelling Paste – 75001
Clikstix Groovy Lower Case Alphabet Cutter  - 78108
FMM Ribbon Cutter – 86258
FMM Tappit Cutter Nursery Set – 86275
FMM Baby Feet Cutter – 81696
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Step 1

Place cake onto drum board centrally, and cover with white sugarpaste, taking it out to the board edge if you wish. Neaten and allow to dry.

Step 2

Colour half the white modelling paste in pale blue, and the other half in pale pink. Knead well, roll out, and cut blue and pink strips with the ribbon cutter. Place a blue strip around half of the cake at the base, and a pink strip around the other half, joining at the front and the back. Make ribbon loops to decorate the joins.

Step 3

Cut out several Baby Feet, a selection of Tappits Nursery motifs, and the lettering in pink and blue.  Place onto the cake, fixing with edible glue while still fresh.  Or allow to dry and fix with a stronger glue (s/paste mashed down with water to soften).

Step 4

Finally, cut the cake at the party to reveal the baby’s gender!

Supply List
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