These colourful Rainbow cupcakes are perfect for any celebration, Use our Colour Splash food colouring gels for bright, vibrant colours!

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You Will Need
Cupcake cases (Colour of your choice)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing - Light Blue - 250g (74224)
Cake Star plain/fluted circle cutters (84895)
Cake Star White modelling paste - 100g (75001)
Colour Splash food colouring gels (Colours of your choice, We used: Red (0675069), Sunflower (0675077), Green (0675059) & Navy Blue (0675065)
FMM Cloud cutter (86002)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Step 1

Bake a batch of cupcakes (Flavour of your choice) following our simple cupcake recipe.

Allow to cool and make up some buttercream ready for piping.

Step 2

Roll out the light blue sugarpaste and cut scalloped or plain edged circles to sit on top of your cupcakes.

Colour the White modelling paste with Colour Splash gels bright colours of your choice.

Step 3

Using your hands, Roll out the coloured pastes into thin sausage shapes. Once you have a fairly even thickness of coloured paste cut into sections of Approx. 10cm length.

Take a length of Red paste and arch on top of the light blue disc to ensure it fits and you have enough room to add the clouds later, Remove from the blue disc and cut as necessary. 

Then take the Yellow paste arching into the red and cut where needed. Continue doing this with the rest of your colours until you are happy with the postioning of the 'rainbow'.

Step 4

When you have got all the lengths of paste to the correct size take some edible glue and brush a thin layer in between each coloured length. press together gently and make sure you obtain the arched shape. 

Add some more edible glue onto your blue disc and stick to rainbow on top.

Take your buttercream and pipe and small swirl on top of your cupcake, Place the blue disc with the rainbow on top.

Step 5

Roll out a small piece of White modelling paste and using the smallest cloud cutter cut out the cloud shape, You will probably need to cut this shape in half using the same cutter to create a smaller cloud. 

Add a dab on edible glue to the end of each side of the rainbow and place your small clouds at the either end of the rainbow.

The possibilities are endless with our range our Colour Splash gel colours, create rainbows of any colour for any occasion!

Supply List
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