Wow everyone with this advanced mermaid cake, Perfect for any birthday celebration!

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You Will Need
6” Round Deep Cake filled and masked, ready for icing
8” Round Deep Cake filled and masked, ready for icing
Round Purple Cake Drum Board-12” (06PURWD12)
Single Thick Round Silver Cake Card-6” (06STR6)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Brilliant White-250g (74229) x 3
Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste-White-250g (0601942) x 3
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Violet-25g (0675060)
FMM Easy Rose Cutter (81706)
Cake Star Brush on Glue Pen-2ml (75154)
Various Cake Star Modelling Tools (0684797)
PME Flower Foam Pad (84632)
Culpitt 8” White Plastic Cake Dowel Rods-Pack of 4 (4802)
Buttercream approx 500g
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Jade-25g (0675064)
Cake Star Plain Smoothers/Scrapers-Set of 2 (84892)
Further selection of Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels (Nude, green, black, brown, red, coral)
Culpitt White Pearl Dragees-25g (DP670)
Alphabet Moulds Silicone Sugarcraft Mould-Shells and Starfish (AM0035)
Step 1

8” Base Cake - Colour sugar paste a very pale shade of violet. Roll out and cover cake.

Take 400g white modelling paste and colour with violet in varying shades from light to dark for the wave effect. 

Each wave layer needs approx. 50g paste. Our cake is 5” deep, and using the Easy Rose cutter you will make 7 layers to cover the cake.

Waves - starting with lightest shade of violet, cut out shapes with Easy Rose Cutter. (You will need approx. 2 ½  shapes per colour/layer to go around the cake). Cut each shape into two, lengthways. Thin the scalloped edges with a ball or bone tool using the foam pad. Brush glue onto the back of each shape, and place onto cake with scalloped edge on top, and starting at the top edge of the cake. 

Top Tip: Leave each piece to firm up a little before adding to cake - they will hold their shape better.

Continue down the side of the cake, graduating to the darkest colour as you go.  Using a paintbrush, further shape the waves to enhance, if necessary.

Place dowel rods into the cake, cutting flush with the surface, to support the top cake. 

Step 2

6” Top Cake - Place cake onto single thick cake card. Colour buttercream with jade food colouring. Spread onto the top and sides of the cake. Using the large scraper, smooth the top and around the side. 

Place cake carefully onto the base cake in the centre.

Step 3

Colour another 200g of white modelling paste - Green (for seaweed etc). Browns (Shells), Violet/Coral (for weeds/coral)

Make the shells using the mould. Cut out various seaweeds and make coral. Place around base of top cake reserving a few shells for the top.

Place some pearl dragees up the side for bubbles.

Rock - Add black food colour to these left over modelling paste colours and knead together, leaving it marbled with some of the other colours if you wish. If you haven’t sufficient paste left to make the rock, add in some more white paste. Shape a rock, and texture with modelling tools (for Ariel to sit on).

Step 4

Handmade Ariel figure

You will need a further 50g white modelling paste. (20g coloured nude - 5g head / 10g body / 5g arms).  
(20g coloured green for tail/fins). (Plus a little red for hair and violet for swimsuit top).

Body - Using 10g flesh coloured paste shape a body, indenting the arm sockets a little, lengthening the neck, and ensuring the waist is slim. Leave to dry.

Tail - Make an elongated cone shape for the tail, and cut and ‘tweak’ out the fins. Shape and thin the fins with a ball tool, and ball out the top of the tail, and fit the waist of the body into it. Mark the scales with a large plain piping nozzle.

Shape the body and tail to sit on the rock, and fix onto rock with a little ‘gunge’ glue. Allow to dry.

Add ‘bra’ top with a little violet paste (Two tiny balls, flattened with a strap around the back of the body.

Make head (keep it simple or add details as you wish!). Push a small hole into base of head to ensure it will fit onto the neck. Add mouth and eyes, and colour. Push onto neck and leave to dry completely. Add slim arms, shaped, with simple hands, and position.

Hair - Colour a small ball of paste red and flatten. Add this ‘cap’ of paste to the head, then add individual hair strands to the head. Vary the lengths, and style as you wish.

Position the rock, with Ariel, carefully onto the top of the cake and secure. Add the few shells remaining, scattered around the rock.

Top Tip: Use the glue pen and/or some ‘gunge’ glue (s/paste mashed with water or glue) for this figure. Some parts require a stronger glue!

Alternatively, You could use our Ariel cake topper decoration.

Supply List
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