Use our Cake Star push easy shape cutters to create this cute caterpillar cake. Perfect for any birthday celebration.

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You Will Need
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Lime (0675081)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Green (0675059)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Pistachio (0675080)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Leaf (0675078)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Strawberry (0675058)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Sunflower (0675077)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste (75001) x2
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube (75053)
Colour Splash Edible Pen – Black (75141)
Cake Star Push Easy Cutters – Shapes (84817)
Cake Star cake decorating kit (0684797)
Culpitt 9" Rolling Pin with Guides (84788)
FMM Polycarbonate Savoy Tube - Round - No.10 (86502)
21" Disposable Piping Bags – Clear (DSB4)
Craft knife
Round Grass Green Cake Board - 10" (06GNRWD10)
Renshaw Vanilla Frosting - 400g (0605813)
Swiss Roll
Step 1

Colour your buttercream with Colour Splash gel Pistachio.


Step 2

Add the piping nozzle to the piping bag and pipe a single line on the green board to stick your Swiss roll towards to rear of the board.


Step 3

To pipe the Swiss roll, begin at one end and pipe from one side to the other with a single line. Continue until the roll is completely covered.

Pipe the ends of the Swiss roll with a simple swirl.


Step 4

Take 100g of white Cake Star modelling paste and colour with Colour Splash gel Leaf. Roll this paste out and cut out 14 circles using the large circle cutter from the Cake Star Push Easy cutter set.

Step 5

While the leaf green circles are still soft gently pull them into a leaf/lemon shape. Take the veining tool from the Cake Star decorating kit and scribe veins on the shape to create leaves. Then using the ball tool from the kit gently tease the leaves so the bend and kink.

Step 6

Take four of the leaves and using the top end of the large heart cutter, cut out bite marks from the leaves, as pictured.


Step 7

Using edible glue begin to add these to the caterpillar cake one by one overlapping as you go around the cake. Once finish add the off cuts of the bitten leaves.

Step 8

Weigh out and colour your white Cake Star modelling paste as follows: 30g in sunflower, 20g in lime, 20g in green, 20g in strawberry and leave 10g in plain white.

Step 9

Roll out all of the coloured pastes and cut out one large sunflower coloured circle, two small circles (with the triple circle cutter) and with all colours cut out as many circle as your paste will allow.


Step 10

For the caterpillar face take the large sunflower circle one large red circle from the triple cutter and the two small white circles. Firstly add the red nose to the centre of the sunflower circle then add the two white circle for eye, dot these with pupils using the black food pen.

To finish draw on the caterpillars smile with the food pen.

Step 11

Take the remainder of your green paste and roll out into two 90mm sausages then stick two large strawberry circles from the triple cutter to the ends of the sausages. These are the caterpillar’s antennas.

Leave these to dry and only add these to the main cake before serving doing this will prevent the cake from wetting the paste and making it go soft.

Step 12

Push the caterpillars face onto the end of cake then begin the randomly add all the coloured spots to the caterpillars body. Add as many or as few as you wish.

Step 13

Your caterpillar cake is complete, remember to add the antennas before serving.

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