Callebaut is officially the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chocolate products made from 100% cocoa butter and bourbon vanilla high. The Belgium brand has proved itself to be hugely popular amongst chocolatiers and cake decorators worldwide.

Our selection of luxury Callebaut chocolate is available in white, milk and dark chocolate. Each pack comes in the form of buttons to make melting and tempering the chocolate easier for you. These creamy chocolate buttons can be used for covering cakes and making chocolate decorations. Or it can even be used for dipping delicious treats in such as strawberries, marshmallow or cookies!

Each of our Callebaut products comes in an easy-to-store 1kg foil bag that protects the quality and taste of the chocolate, giving it a long shelf life.

Our delicious Callebaut range is perfect for pouring onto your cakes, gateaux and desserts for a truly professional and sumptuous chocolate treat. Or use our chocolate for covering cakes and making yummy chocolate decorations. Whether it’s for chocolate fountains, cakes, desserts, baking, decoration, chocolate fondues, making chocolates, enrobing or mould making, our Callebaut products are sure to hit the spot.