Colour Splash

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Add a splash of colour to your cakes with Colour Splash. Part of our vibrant food colouring range, Colour Splash food colouring products are all about expressing your individuality through baking. Whether you’re looking to make some multi-coloured creations, or crazy colourful cupcakes – you’ll find what you need in our range.

Each product in the Colour Splash range has been designed with your cake in mind. The Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel comes in an eclectic selection of bright and pastel hues, including eye-catching pinks, summery yellows, creamy nudes and vibrant reds, so you’re bound to find the perfect colour for your creation.

There’s also a wide selection of colouring pens – so you can draw some fabulous designs onto your cakes without worrying about making a mess. Alternatively, be sure to try out the Colour Splash range of edible paint in a variety of matte, pearl and gloss hues, including on-trend rose gold. Or why not try a metallic colour spray instead for an extra bit of cake glamour?

Discover the rest of our colourful baking collections, including food dusting powders, colour splash sprays, food paints and cake airbrush colours. Happy baking!