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FMM is an innovative brand that supplies handy cutters, Tappits and other sugarcraft equipment and accessories to help you make beautiful cakes or decorations with minimal effort.

Our selection of FMM cutters are perfect for creating fun decorations and cookies.  From clouds to roses to trains, the range features a variety of cutters in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. What’s more, their easy-to-use designs mean they’re great for sugarcrafters of all skill levels and ages to try out!

FMM’s very own Tappits are the perfect way to create letters, numbers and shapes to decorate your cakes with. Simply press your sugar paste in the Tappit and literally tap it out against a surface to reveal your motif! Talk about easy peasy decorating!

If you’re looking to create an impression (literally!) then the versatile Press Ice tools by FMM are the product for you. The innovative range makes beautiful, symmetrical patterns in seconds, giving you gorgeous results every time without all the usual guess work!

With over 70 years of experience, FMM constantly brings on-trend products to the market for cake decorators. For more great sugarcrafting products, check out our Culpitt range!