House of Cake


Dazzle your friends and family with our glistening House of Cake range. House of Cake is an exciting new range of products that can be used to create gorgeous shimmering cakes! Included in the range of cake decorating supplies are edible glitters, edible writing icing, and metallic studs and pearls.

Bursting with sparkle, the non-aerosol glitter sprays are easy to use and wonderful for adding a touch of glamour to your cakes and decorations. The 7 shades in the range are each designed to give off a beautiful metallic sheen guaranteed to put your cake centre spotlight! The gold and silver shades give festive and celebration cakes an eye-catching sparkle, while the pink and purple shades are perfect for floral, feminine decorations.

Filled with glitter and simple to use, the House of Cake glitter tubes are perfect for writing sparkling personal messages or drawing pretty designs on cake surfaces and icing. With 2 sparkling colours to choose from, these icing tubes are ideal for adding to special celebration or festive cakes.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your sophisticated baked creations shine, then the fabulous House of Cake range of edible pearls and studs are the decorations for you. Available in many different shades, these edible toppers are fantastic for adding style and sophistication to your homebaked cakes or cupcakes - perfect for impressing at any special occasion!