Our extensive range of JEM cake decorating accessories help sugarcrafters create beautiful cakes with ease. The range consists of various piping tubes, cutters and moulds to help you give your homemade cakes and decorations the perfect finishing touch.

The JEM piping tubes mean you can create flawless piped cake decorations and cupcake swirls every time. The varying tube sizes can each create different effects, giving you plenty of room for creativity. The 1M open star tube is perfect for star techniques and creating drop flowers, while the No. 2 tube is great for those wanting to write their own messages on their cakes. All of our JEM piping tubes are made from non-rust, nickel-plated brass.

From birthdays to baby showers, our JEM cutters have got every special occasion covered. Each cutter in the range is suitable for use with sugar paste, flower paste, marzipan, modelling chocolate and other pliable mediums.

Our JEM range also features the popular Pop It moulds. Available in many different lovely designs, these easy-to-use products are a cross between a cutter and a mould. They’re made from hard plastic that leaves deep impressions to create additional embossed details on the final decoration, just like a mould would. The best of both worlds!