A brand with nearly 90 years of experience, Wilton is a renowned brand that has providing cake decorators with the tools they need to create effortlessly amazing cakes.

From tools and equipment to decorating kits and sprinkles, our Wilton range has just about everything you need to create beautiful decorated cakes, bakes and decorations.

Wilton specialise in products that are not only handy and efficient but also great fun to use! There are many colourful and fun accessories and decorations to choose from, whether its shaped baking tins, multi-coloured cupcake cases or cookie cutters.

Making cake pops? Look no further! We have a brilliant selection of Wilton products that are great for making your life easier when it comes to creating beautiful cake pops, including lollipop sticks.

Wilton also sell tool caddies, available in various funky shapes and sizes. These handy caddies are perfect for storing all your cake decorating essentials, keeping them neat and tidy when in storage. They’re also fantastic for transporting cake decorating tools on the move or setting up your cake at a particular venue.

For more fun cake decorating supplies, check out our Culpitt range.