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PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

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This chocolate melting pot is ideal for melting chocolate for use in moulds, cake coverings, mousses etc. or to melt your candy melts when making cake pops! It includes a Base Unit, 3 x Melting Pots and Operating Instructions. There are also 'How to Make' moulded chocolates and Cake pops Instructions.

Product Details

PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

Electric base unit with easy clean gloss surface and power indicator light, with 3 melting pots and instruction manual. Instructions for making cake pops and moulded chocolates are included.

Includes: Three melting pots for using more than one colour!


Base unit measures: 185mm (L) x 145mm (W)

Melting pots measure: 85mm (Diameter) x 55mm (H)

Each melting pot will hold a maximum of 250g/10oz of melted chocolate / Candy melts.

To Use:

Ensure the base unit is on a flat surface before you start, Place a melting pot into the heating cavity and plug into power socket.

Turn the control switch to the melt position II to preheat the melting pot for approx 10 mins.

Place the chocolate or candy melts/buttons into the pot. If you have 'block' chocolate, just break up into small pieces to quicken the melting process.

Stir occasionally during melting. When the chocolate/candy melts have melted turn the control switch to the 'Keep warm' position.

Use the melted product as needed and repeat the process if necessary.

Turn the control switch to the 'Off' position 0 when finished. Unplug!

NOTE: Do not use sharp tools inside the pots as they may scratch!


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