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Poly-Dowels� - 400mm (16'')

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These 16" Poly-Dowels are specially designed plastic dowels for building stable stacked and tiered cakes

Product Details

Poly-Dowels� - 400mm (16'')

Choose 16" Poly-Dowels® to ensure your multi-tiered cakes (more than three tiers tall) get the best support possible.Poly-Dowels® are specially designed, food-safe plastic dowels for building stacked and tiered cakes.

They are specifically engineered to hold an immense weight. Poly-Dowels have internal ridges for additional support. They pass through the cake, rather than compress it like traditional dowels. They are not prone to collapsing, so you can trust that they will hold your cake steady.

To use, simply cut your dowels to size, then push them into your cake. The internal channel is designed for the purpose of supporting heavyweight of multi-tiered cakes

Poly-Dowels are disposable and can be recycled, but they can also be reused (wash with hot water until all butterfat residue is removed)

Please Note: Dowels are sold individually

Approx measurements:Length: 400mm x 15mm dia


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