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JEM Cupcake Filler Piping Nozzle

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This Cupcake Filler nozzle is ideal for inserting a filling of jam, buttercream or cream type fillings into your cupcakes, doughnuts, eclairs and choux buns.

Product Details

JEM Cupcake Filler Piping Nozzle

A cupcake filler nozzle to use when piping jam and cream type fillings into cupcakes, doughnuts and eclairs/choux bun

Perfect for filling cupcakes, doughnuts with jam or cream! Easy to use with a piping bag.

How to use:

Place nozzle inside piping bag and fill bag with jam or buttercream filling. Push nozzle down into cake and apply pressure to release the contents of the bag into the cake, gradually pulling the nozzle up to the top.


95mm (3¾") (L)


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