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PME Brush n Fine Pens

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Brush n Fine pens from PME are double tipped cake decorating pens for writing or colouring details onto any edible cake decorations. Unique to this product is the included refill pot which allows you to refill your pen's ink when it has run dry.

Product Details

These cake decorating edible food pens by PME are double-sided, and include a 2.5mm thick brush at one end to paint designs onto your icing and a 1.5mm fine pen at the other end to write personal messages onto your celebration cakes and cupcakes.

What makes this product unique is that each colour is refillable. With each pen comes an 8g ink refill pot. simply stand the pen upright in the ink pot and within three hours the pen is once again full. You can refill your pen up to 3 times with the included refill pot - ensuring that you don't run out of edible ink halfway through a project. These pens are available in 8 different colours.