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Sugarflair NatraDi Natural Food Colouring Pastes

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These Sugarflair NatraDi Food Colouring Pastes are 100% natural, and are fantastic for colouring sugar paste icings, buttercream and cake mixes.

Product Details

Made from 100% natural ingredients, these Natradia food colouring pastes by Sugarflair are a superb way to achieve vivid and bright colours, without using artificial ingredients. These pastes can be used for adding a splash of colour to virtually any part of your baking, whether it be brightening your cake mixes for coloured sponges, or micing into your buttercream or sugar paste icings.

When mixing into sugar paste, use sparingly to achieve a pastel shade, but add more to give a strong, vibrant colour - the consistency will not change too much! If used for painting onto sugar paste, dilute a little with clear spirit or rejuvenator spirit. Water may be used instead of rejuvenator spirit but it will not dry as quickly, or give quite such a good finish.