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Squires Confectioners Glaze Cleaner - 100ml

Product Code: 59655

This product has now been discontinued but we have an alternative available to order.

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Squires Confectioners Glaze Cleaner - 100ml. You will need this glaze cleaner to clean your brushes after using the confectioners glaze!

Product Details

Squires Confectioners Glaze Cleaner is used to clean paint brushes after they have been used with confectioners glaze. A must for cleaning your brushes after you have used confectioners glaze. Glaze cleaner can also have liquid colour added to it and used for dipping flowers.


Use to clean glaze from brushes and other sugarcraft equipment,etc


Solvent Isopropyl alcohol; blue dye
Allergy Advice:
May contain Nuts;
TariffCode: 29051200
OutsideBarCodeNumber: 5052338043476