Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas cake this year using this soft sugar roses cake decoration how to guide.

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You Will Need

Iced 8” round cake offset on 11” drum board

Small Sugar Soft Roses-White-13mm-Box of 38 (21304)
Medium Sugar Soft Roses-White-38mm-Box of 20 (21305)
Large Sugar Soft Roses-White-50mm-Box of 10 (21306)
PME Rose Leaf Plunger Cutter/Veiner-Medium (84382)
Colour Splash Food Colour Spray-Matt-Red-100g (75041)
Colour Splash Food Colour Spray-Metallic-Gold-100g (75030)
House of Cake Edible Glitter Spray-Gold (75023)
Step 1

Spray a selection of small, medium and large white roses in both red and gold.

Top Tip: Make a ‘spray booth’ with a cake box on its side, to prevent the spray floating across the room.

Leave to dry.

Step 2

Make several rose leaves, spray gold and leave to dry.

Position the roses and leaves as you wish, on the top of the cake, and on the board.

Add a ribbon and motto of your choice.

Supply List
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