This sugarpaste ombre tree trunk cake is ideal for a fairy themed celebration.

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You Will Need
10” round deep cake, masked with buttercream, ready for adding sugarpaste.
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Brilliant White-1kg (0674227)
Selection of Colour Splash Gel Food Colouring in browns/greens/yellows. We used the following:
Tree Trunk-0675066 / Dark Brown-0675076 / Latte-0675063 / Koala-0675073, Leaf-0675078 / Forest Green-0675070 / Lemon-0675056 / Nude-0675074- / Soft Caramel-0675079).
Clear alcohol (gin/vodka)
Flat Dusting Brush - 800081
PME Flower/Leaf Shaper (veining) Tool (84531)
Step 1

Colour sugarpaste with Soft Caramel gel food colouring to a light brown shade, for the base colour.

Roll out sufficient sugarpaste into a round to cover the top of the cake. With the veining tool or a knife, make circular marks and cuts into the icing to make a realistic effect.

Step 2

Cut the remaining sugarpaste into 3 or 4 pieces. (You will be adding paste to the side of the cake in separate pieces, the joins will not show.) Roll out the first  piece to approx. 3mm thickness but no need to be too particular. This may be any length, but should be the depth of the cake.  Make pleats along the length, and carefully place onto the side of the cake. Repeat with the other pieces until you have covered the side.

Step 3

Now for the ‘fun’ bit!

Crumple a piece of baking foil, and push against the side of the cake. This will texture the side to make a realistic looking ‘bark’. There is no need to waste all the bits of sugarpaste left over.  Roll into various sizes of ‘sausage’ shapes and add to the bark where needed, or add some tree roots. Texture these with foil.

Allow to set for a minimum of two hours.

Step 4

Dilute the browns, greens and yellow with clear spirit, and paint with the flat brush onto the cake, varying the colours to create a realistic bark effect.

Top Tip: Paint the dark colours first into the recesses, and gradually add lighter colours, blending them as you go.

Add colour onto the top and into the cuts, using the same brush.

To complete, add grass around the base, together with decorations such as leaves, flowers, hedgehogs, mice, squirrels, rabbits, fungi, stones, ladybirds etc.

Supply List
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