Unleash your cake decorating superpowers by creating a crime fighting superhero cake! This syline inspired cake is great for a kid’s birthday and designed for cake decorators with both intermediate levels of experience or beginners looking for a challenge.

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You Will Need

Round Red Cake Drum Board - 10" (06RRWD10)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Red - 250g (74237)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Yellow - 250g (74222)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Blue - 250g (74221)
750g Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Light Blue - 250g (74224)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Purple - 250g (74231)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Brilliant White - 250g (74229)
Culpitt Sugarpaste Icing - Black - 250g (74218)
Cake Star Push Easy Alphabet Cutters - Lowercase - Set of 26 (84794)
FMM Cloud Cutter - Set of 5 (86002)

Step 1

Start by baking a 2x 8” Victoria sponge cakes using flavours of your choice. We opted for a fluffy vanilla sponge with a lemon zest kick. Position one sponge cake on top of the other and sandwich them together with a thin layer of buttercream and/or jam. Our cake has a height of 5” so you may wish to carve your sponge to size using a knife.

Step 2

Cover your cake with a light blue sugar paste (750g required) and secure the cake onto a 10” round red cake board and secure with a thin smudge of buttercream. Ensure that the covering is wrapped tight and smooth.

Step 3

Now you have a bright blue skyline and base layer for your cake, it’s time to start decorating! Our design depicts the skyline of a thriving city metropolis, both a playground for villains and the home of your superhero.

We’ll start creating this vibrant city by cutting out various coloured buildings from sugar paste. Simply cut different rectangles from rolled out coloured paste and lay them side by side to plan how you’re going to arrange them on the cake. Be creative and make a whole range of different building sizes and colours!

Step 4

Once you’re happy with the selection of building shapes you have, secure them to the side of your cake using edible glue, making sure that the base of each rectangle touches the bottom of the cake. For a 3D effect, we overlapped the buildings slightly, layering them in front of one another.

Please Note: You’ll need to add a supporting rectangle of the same colour behind buildings which are placed in the foreground/front of the buildings.

Cover the entire perimeter of your cake with rectangles so that all edges are covered.

Step 5

Your cake is starting to take shape and radiate a variety of bold colours. In this step you’ll be making the white windows for the building from sugar paste. It’s quite a time-consuming process but the extra level of detail makes it completely worth it. To create the windows, simply roll out and cut strips of brilliant white sugar paste and then cut them into squares using your craft knife. Continue this process until you have enough to cover all building and then secure them to the coloured rectangles using edible glue.

Step 6

Use your FMM ‘WOW’ and ‘Splat’ shape cutters to create a selection of cool cake decoration plaques. You’ll need 6 splat designs in colours and sizes of your choice and 5 ‘WOW’ designs in different colours (4 medium and 1 large). Secure 3 ‘WOW’ decorations on the front of your buildings using edible glue and the remaining 2 (one large; one medium) ‘WOW’ decorations on top of each other on the top of the cake. The 6 ‘Splat’ decorations should be secured around the top of the cake as shown in the picture. Once you’re happy with your plaque decoration positioning, move on to the next step.

Step 7

Our superhero cake wouldn’t be half as cool if it didn’t have the punchy comic slogans that we all associate with our favourite characters. Use your Culpitt lettering texture mat to cut out action packed phrases to stick onto the plaques created in the previous step. We opted for ‘POW’, ‘ZAP’ and ‘BLAM’, with a personalised name lettering for our birthday boy ‘Ben’ on top. If the little one has a slightly longer name which won’t fit on the sugar plaque, you may wish to add their age in the form of a number instead.

Step 8

You’re almost finished! In this final step you’ll be using your FMM cloud cutter to cut a selection of fluffy cloud shapes from white sugar paste. We’re sure you’re getting the hang of this by now. Roll and cut your cloud shapes and secure them in areas of your choice.

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