This 'Thank You Teacher' cupcake is a small but fun way for your children to show thanks to their favourite teachers!

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You Will Need
Cupcakes in a baking cases of your choice (We used red 2219)
Frosting (0605813 or make your own)
500g Culpitt cake decorating sugarpaste icing – Brilliant White (74229) x2
Colour Splash Edible food pen – Black (75141)
Colour Splash Edible food pen – Red (75162)
Colour Splash Edible food pen – Blue (75143)
White Single Cupcake Box (0690082 - Decorated separately by your children)
JEM 1M Piping nozzle (84964)
Cake Star piping bags (84798)
Step 1

Bake cupcakes (flavour of your choice) and allow to cool completely.

Using a piping bag fitted with the 1M nozzle, pipe a buttercream swirl on top of your cupcakes.

Step 2

Mark lines and margin on white sugarpaste rectangle when dry, and write ‘thank you’. Back with a coloured paste, to contrast with the buttercream, if wished. Place onto cupcake.

Step 3

Place cupcake inside decorated single cupcake box ready to present to your child's teacher.

Supply List
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