Create a traditional holly wreath design centrepiece using cupcakes following our step by step guide.

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You Will Need
DecoPac French Pastry Nozzle - No.864 (0610968)
Cake Star Disposable 12" Piping Bags - Pack of 12 (84798)
Culpitt Red Foil Cupcake Cases (2305)
Cake Star Green Modelling Paste (75136)
Cake Star Red Modelling Paste (75013)
Cake Star Rolling Pin with Guides - 6" (84880)
Culpitt Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter - Set of 3 (84792)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Forest Green (0675070)
Colour Splash Edible Paint - Matt Yellow (75197)
Colour Splash Edible Paint - Matt White (75194)
Sable Paintbrush – 4 (0683257)
Renshaw Vanilla frosting (0605813)
Step 1

Bake cupcakes (flavour of your choice) in Red foil cupcake cases. Colour your buttercream with Colour Splash forest green gel.

Fit the nozzle into a piping bag and then fill the piping bag with your green coloured buttercream.


Step 2

Pipe your cupcakes with your green buttercream. Start in the middle of the cupcakes and swirl to the outer edge, until the cupcake top is completely covered.

Step 3

Remove the larger of the guides from your Cake Star rolling pin; roll out your green modelling paste to the depth of the guides left on the rolling pin.

Take the largest holly cutter from the set and cut 12 holly leaves for each cupcake from the rolled out modelling paste.

Step 4

Pinch off three small portions of Red modelling paste and roll into balls, just shy of the size of a pea.

Step 5

Begin to add the green holly leaves randomly onto the top of your cupcake by pushing them into the buttercream.

For a placement guide please see pictures, finish with three red berries in the middle.

Step 6

Mix your colour splash white and yellow paint together to a pale yellow/ivory shade. Using your paintbrush pick out the holly leaf edges as pictured.

Step 7

Gather your holly wreath cake and form them into a ring to complete your holly wreath cupcakes.

Supply List
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