This under the sea airbushed cake is so simple and easy to create, Why not give it a go for your next sea themed celebration cake?

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You Will Need
8" Round cake (flavour of your choice)
10" Round Baby Blue Drum board (06BRWD10)
3x Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing - Brilliant White (74229)
Colour Splash Airbrush Kit (75209)
Colour Splash Airbrush Colour - Sky Blue (75177)
Colour Splash Airbrush Colour - Leaf Green (75180)
Colour Splash Airbrush Colour - White (75174)
18 Gauge florist wire (1371W)
Cut out card circles measuring approx.  22mm, 18mm, 12mm and 6mm.
Step 1

Sheet an 8” round cake, leaving to harden a little.

Attach each of your circle stencils to a wire.

Step 2

Holding the wire of your largest stencil, gently press the circle shape against your cake.  Lightly spray the Sky Blue airbrush colour over the stencil, gradually building up colour.

Repeat several times across your cake. If the edges are blurred you may need to hold your stencil tighter against the surface of the cake. Don’t be afraid to overlap the stencilled circles.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 using the remaining sizes of circle stencils. Continue until your cake is covered.

Step 4

Using the Leaf Green airbrush colour, create the seaweed effect by spraying wiggly lines upwards from the bottom of the cake. Create more weeds around the base of the cake in varying sizes and lengths.

Using the Leaf Green colour, very lightly spray patches and wide lines of green randomly over the cake to give a sea green look.

Step 5

Finally, use the white airbrush colour to spray light dots randomly across the cake to complete your airbrush underwater cake!

Supply List
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