Create this beautiful under the sea themed cupcakes using a range of Colour Splash products and isomalts!

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You Will Need
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Violet (0675060)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Blue (0675061)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Tree Trunk (0675066)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Jade (0675064)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Orange (0675055)
Colour Splash Edible Paint - White (75194)
Colour Splash Edible Paint - Black (75195)
Colour Splash Edible Paint - Sky Blue (75200)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste (75001)
Cake Star Granulated Isomalt - 250g (75235)
Cake Star Cutter & Texture Mat Set - Under The Sea (84858)
Purple Cupcakes 6mm Sugar Pearls - Pearl (25033)
Culpitt Blue Striped Baking Cups (2332)
Cake Star Edible glue (75053)
Sable Paintbrush - 1 (0683254)
Sable Paintbrush - 2 (0683255)
Culpitt 9" Rolling Pin (84789)
Cake Star Palette Knife - Straight - 4" (10604)
Ceramic bowls
Cling film
Small plastic bags
Plastic chopping board
Step 1

Bake your favourite flavour of cupcakes in the blue stripe baking cups and allow to cool.

Melt your Isomalt and separate into two bowls. Isomalt melt at a very high temperature always wear protective clothing when using this product.

Step 2

Colour one bowl of isomalt, blue and the other with Tree trunk brown. Colour Splash gels are a concentrated colours so add a little at a time for lighter shades.


Step 3

Once the Brown Isomalt has set, place it in a plastic bag and using the end of a rolling pin crush it up finely. (use only the end of a rolling pin as Isomalt it hard and can damage the smooth length of your rolling pin)

Step 4

Spread edible glue over the top of your cupcakes then gently press them into the bag of crushed brown Isomalt to create a sandy sea bed.

Step 5

Cut the White modelling paste into four equal portions and colour one blue, orange, violet and one jade. Half mix your paste to give it a marbled finish.

Step 6

Roll your coloured marbled modelling paste out. Place the texture mat from the Cake Star Under the Sea set and firmly roll your rolling pin over it the emboss the paste.

Once all the shapes have been embossed use the cutters from the set to cut them out.

Step 7

Using the Colour Splash paints decorate your under the sea cut outs. Here we have highlighted the edges of the shells with white, painted the dots on the starfish, painted the eyes on the fish and lastly mixed sky blue with white to paint the dots and stripes on the fish.

Step 8

Wrap a plastic chopping board in cling film. Place the wrapped chopping board against a bowl at a tilt. Reheat your blue Isomalt till fluid. Allow the Isomalt to cool a little then begin to drip the runny Isomalt down the board in 2.5 inch sections with a palette knife.

Step 9

Allow the isomalt to set a little. You should be able to peel them free of the cling film and gently bend them to the follow the curve of your cupcakes.

Step 10

Insert the Isomalt curves into the edge of your cupcakes down the side of the baking cups.

Step 11

Add your painted Under the sea decorations directly onto the isomalt which, being sticky, will hold them in place. Finally decorate with a few Purple cupcakes 6mm pearls to finish.

Supply List
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