Create this cute Unicorn cake topper using our Cake Star modelling paste. Perfect to sit on top of any unicorn themed cake.

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You Will Need
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Pale Pink (0675131)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Blue (0675061)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Violet (0675060)
Cake Star Modelling paste – White (75000)
Cake Star Modelling paste – Baby Pink (75003)
Culpitt Metallic Modelling paste – Black (74256)
Culpitt Metallic Modelling paste – Gold (74240)
Purple Cupcakes Vermicelli Sprinkles - Shimmer Multi (25106)
Round Cutters - Set of 12 (9784)
Cake Star Push Easy Cutters – Shapes (84817)
Cake Star cake decorating kit (0684797)
Cake Star edible glue (75053)
Medium dusting brush (0683256)
Step 1

Weigh out 85g of White modelling paste and mould this piece into a squared off cone shape making the beginnings of the body.


Step 2

Using a veining tool from you Cake decorating kit score a deep line from the base to half way up what will be the unicorn chest.


Step 3

Weigh out 2 x 5g of White modelling paste. Roll them both into cylinders then flatten one end. Secure these two parts to the side of the body to form the legs.


Step 4

Roll out a portion of white modelling paste to a very thin 2mm. Brush edible glue over the unicorn body then drape the rolled out sheet over the unicorn and very gently begin to mould the sheet over the body, for the best results use a dry paint brush.



Take your time over this part use gently strokes to ease the sheet into the recesses of the body underneath. Cut off any remaining paste at the bottom and tuck any ragged edge underneath.



Once the body has been covered and smoothed into place you will find it a much smooth, cleaner and more moulded finish.


Step 5

Weigh 95g of White modelling and mould this into an oval shape to form the basic head.



Using the ball tool from your Cake Decorating kit make an indent in what will be the bottom of the head. This indent will form a join for the head and body.

Step 6

Working on the top of the head push the paste backward and down to form a brow ridge and muzzle.


Step 7

Brush edible glue into the indent on the head the place on top of the body. You can place the head on straight on the body or (as we have) twist to an angle.



If you pull the head to any angle other than upright and straight you will find because the head is heavy it will want to fall off.The best way to combat this is to prop it up with a piece of paste cut to size.



Once in place gentle press the bone tool upon the very top of the head to form a small indent where the horn will attached. At this point you may wish to leave your model to set for a while, over night is best.


Step 8

Roll out white and pink modelling paste. Using the triple circle cutter from your Push Easy Cutter shape set cut out two 20mm circle in white and one 10mm circle in pink.


Step 9

Roll the two white circles into a balls and reform into rounded half circles to form the ears. Then using the veiner from your Cake Decorating Kit indent the middle as pictured.  

Cut the pink circle in half and place into the indent on the ears. Using the veiner again gentle press the half pink circle into place until the are flush with the rest of the ears.


Step 10

Using DecoPac round steel cutters cut one 23mm circle. Reform that circle into an oval.



With a ball tool indent nostrils into the oval. While you have your 23mm round steel cutter out push the base of the ears onto the outside of the cutter the round them of this will help you achieve a nice flush fit to the unicorns head.


Step 11

Very carefully stick the muzzle and the ears to the head as pictured.


Step 12

From your rolled out Baby Pink cut two 23 x 10mm and one 25 x 5mm strips and two 15mm circles.

Roll the 25 x 5mm strip into a sausage shape then form into a rough triangle. This will be the mouth.


Step 13

Roll out Black metallic paste and cut two 10mm circles. Take a very tiny piece of white paste roll into a tiny ball and push onto the black circle as pictured to form highlight on the eyes.


Step 14

With all the pieces gathered start with the 23 x 10mm pink strips, stick these to the bottom of the front legs and the 15mm pink circle to the back.


Next add the mouth and eyes to the unicorn as pictured. Secure all pieces with edible glue.


Step 15

Weigh out 5 g of Gold modelling paste and mould into a tapered cone aproximatly 65mm long.

Once you have a nice smooth taper use you veining tool to mark out the horns grooves. This best best done by placing the tool at an angle to the horn and slowly rolling so the tool rides up the horn giving it a screw like emboss, you can do this a few times to achieve a nice defiled groove.

Take another small ball of Gold paste and roll this into a very thin sausage shape.


Step 16

Dab a small amount of edible glue in the well on top of the unicorns head gentily push the horn in place. With a little edible glue wrap the thin Gold sausage shape around the base of the horn, this will aid securing it in place.


Step 17

Separate the remaining White modelling paste into three portions, then lightly colour three portions violet, pink and blue.


Step 18

The make the mane begin rolling small thin tapered hairs in all four colours, white, violet, pink and blue.

Begin at the back of the unicorns head just under the horn. Place the first on the right hand side and the next on the left. Follow this pattern downward to crate the parting of the mane.



While you are building up the hairs of the mane try to tangle and curl them in a free form manner. Increase the thickness and length of the hair as you build downwards. Having so much built up hair will aid some of the weaker parts hold together and disguise most of the models joints.


Step 19

Next roll out three 130mm tapers of each colour. Organise the colours into bunches of four with one colour in each bunch.

Nip the ends of the bunches to hold them together then gather the bunches together and in turn nip all the ends together. Tangle the stands together and form the whole bunch into an arc.



Cut off the nipped ends giving the tail a flat flush end and with edible glue attach to your unicorn. If you are building this away from a cake to mount later then leave the tail separate until then.


Step 20

Finally sprinkle or place Purple cupcakes confetti about your unicorns mane and tail.


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