These watercolour cookies are the perfect way to release your artistic flair when baking!

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You Will Need
Cookie Dough
Apricot glaze
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - White - 74229
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - Black - 74218
PME brushes – 800081
Paint palette tray - 25063
Selection of Colour Splash paints
Rejuvenator spirit – 5501 or any clear edible spirit.
For the Cookies

Roll out cookie dough and cut to size and shape required. Bake and cool.

Brush on a little apricot glaze.

Roll out sugarpaste (black or white), cut out, and place onto cookies. Allow to dry. 

Using Acetate

Take a piece of clear acetate or cellophane and paint colours onto this at random.   

Immediately place this onto cookie and apply a little pressure to transfer the colours. Remove sheet and allow to dry.

Top Tips

Cookies iced black - mix a little Colour Splash white powder colour (75115) into paint colour first and paint on)

This technique gives some amazing patterns which may be enhanced with further decoration such as piping, adding tiny flowers, jelly gems, outlining shapes with the fine tip on Colour Splash edible pens etc.

Supply List
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