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Welcome to our brand new wedding page! Here you can find all the helpful advice, tips and ideas you need to make the wedding cake of your dreams, whether you’re a bride-to-be looking to make your own or a professional looking for some fresh inspiration.

From the latest cake trends to colour palette ideas, we’ve got everything you need to help you create the perfect cake or favours for your big day!
Answers your wedding cake questions
I am making my own cake but I am not sure where to start?
My first bit of advice would be to plan! If you plan out exactly what you want your cake to look like, what decorations you want, what flavours you want etc then it is much easier to break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks that won’t seem so scary. Sketch out your ideas so you have a visual to work from.
What type of icing would you recommend for a wedding cake?
It very much depends on the type of cake you want. If you want a white or ivory ‘iced’ cake then I would recommend sugarpaste. I would also recommend a professional brand, as opposed to say, a supermarket brand because even though a supermarket brand may be cheaper, you are more likely to get a better finish if you spend out on a professional brand. If you’re looking for a more rustic finish then buttercream is a great option.
Is there a timeline I should stick to when making a wedding cake? 

Because cake is cake and isn’t something you can make weeks in advance like say invitations, you will need to set aside time the week of your wedding to bake and prep your cake.

I would advise using a recipe like a madeira over a victoria sponge as it stays fresher for longer which will give you more time to work on it. Decorations however, can be made quite far in advance as long as they are stored correctly, so not in an airtight container, in something like a tupperware box with a layer of kitchen roll over them and the lid off. The air needs to get to them or they will go soft.

I have a cake timeline here -

When is the best time to order my cake in advance of the wedding?
When I was making wedding cakes I would be taking orders on average 1 year to 6 months in advance. As soon as you know what you want and once you have an idea of who you want to make it, it’s best to get your order in as soon as possible.
How can I cater for guests with allergies? 
A nice way of making sure guests with allergies and dietary requirements are catered for is to order an extra box of cupcakes on top of your wedding cake that are specifically made with these guests in mind. That way, everyone gets cake!
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Choosing your wedding colours is one of the most important - and most fun - decisions that a bride will make and should reflect the day’s overall theme and style. Click on the colours above to browse our great range of products by colour and find your perfect palette today!
Personalise edible favours with your guests names, it will make them feel special and will double up as a place name!
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How can I make sure that I have no waste?
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By ordering or making the correct size portions. For a standard ‘party piece’ you are looking at a 2” size piece of cake, however for a wedding this halves to 1”.

This isn’t you being stingy with cake, far from it. It is because the people who are attending your wedding will have already had either a three-course meal or a buffet. Not everyone will have a piece of cake and that’s OK. Always have enough portions for those coming but smaller portions than usual. Any leftover cake can be wrapped well in cling film and frozen to be enjoyed at a later date.

Is it more cost effective to have cupcakes rather than a big cake?
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Not always. It depends on how many you want to make/order and the decoration. If you are making it yourself then by the time you have made each individual decoration, as well as bought the ingredients and the cases, it will probably be a very similar cost to if you were buying and making it all for a three tier cake.

The same goes for ordering your wedding cake. Whilst cupcakes are smaller, they are usually the same amount of work as a bigger wedding cake, especially if you are ordering a large quantity as they have to be decorated individually. Also, it’s worth noting that cupcakes need to be made the day before the wedding to stay fresh, so you aren’t leaving yourself a lot of time.

How do I make a wedding cake on a budget?
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By making smaller tiers, or even a single tier you will save money. The big cost isn’t usually in the cake ingredients, it’s in the icing and decoration.

What alternatives are there to fruit cake?
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Anything you like! In my years of making wedding cakes, I’ve only made one that’s fruit. It is a very traditional flavour but not one you have to use if you don’t want to. You can have any flavour, the most unusual flavour for a wedding cake I’ve made is Pina Colada!

Do you have any advice for assembling a cake with multiple tiers?
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Make sure to use enough dowels in the bottom tier (5 will be fine) and thin cake hardboards under each of the tiers. Secure with royal icing and make sure it is completely dry before attempting to move.
What is the best way to transport a wedding cake?
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If it is a big cake, I would advise transporting the tiers separately and assembling them at the venue. However, if it is a smaller two tier then transporting assembled (once left overnight) in a larger wedding cake box would be fine.

I also advise transporting in the boot of the car or the footwell as opposed to a seat as it’s flatter and there is less chance of it moving around.

How do I incorporate our personalities into the cake?
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Split wedding cakes are very popular, with one design at the front (like a traditional white wedding cake) and a different design on the back (like a Superhero theme!) this is a great way to put your personality in.

Also with wedding toppers, you can include not just the bride and groom but pets, children etc. and you can be dressed however you want. In a football shirt, uniform, the choices are endless!

What time frame should I allow for when baking a naked wedding cake?
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With naked cakes, you’ve got less time to play around with than you would have with an iced cake as the icing covering the cake helps keep it fresh.

Personally, with naked cakes, I would bake it a day or maximum two days before the wedding and wrap well in cling film. It will need to be split, filled and assembled on the day so allow time for this. It will last about 4 hours on display, it should be served and eaten shortly after.

How do I create a lace effect on my cake?
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Cake Lace is a product that’s easily available these days, it’s a paste and a silicone mould. It’s the easiest way to get a lovely lace but I do recommend practising with it a few times first before the big day!