This Winter Wedding Cake features stunning snowflake sugar lace and delicately accented blue lustre spray. Perfect for wintry Wedding celebrations.

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You Will Need

6”, 8” and 10” Cakes (Flavour of your choice)
6”, 8” and 10” Double Thick Cards (06DTR6, 06DTR8, 06DTR10)
4” 6” 8” Round Polystyrene Separators (9296, 9297, 9298)
12” Round Drum Board (06RWD12F)
1kg Brilliant White Sugarpaste (0674227) x3
Pearl Lustre Spray (5535)
Blue Lustre Spray (5537)
House of Cake edible lace mix - White (87032)
Sweet Lace Snowflake Mat (11025)
Snowflake Plunger Cutter Small (84510)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
5 petal cutter (Optional) 86387

Step 1

Place the cakes onto their respective cake card sizes. Cover all three cakes with white sugarpaste and cut off each around the base and neaten. Allow to dry.

Similarly, cover the cake drum with sugarpaste and also around the side of each of the separators and emboss, if wished, with a snowflake plunger cutter. When dry, spray with pearl lustre.

Step 2

Make up cake sugar lace icing mix as per instructions, and produce nine of the long snowflake strips from the mat, and two lots of the assorted snowflakes. Spray the lace pieces with blue lustre sparingly and then completely with pearl lustre.

Step 3

Assemble cakes and separators, starting with the 8” separator on the centre of the drum. Fix between layers with some of the white paste mashed down with water to a ‘tacky’ consistency.

Attach all the long lace pieces to hang around the sides of each cake, fixing with edible sugar glue. (4 on base cake, 3 on middle tier and 2 on top tier).

Top Tip: Measure around each cake to work out the spacing. Each cake will have slightly different spacing! Attach the snowflakes at random on all three cakes.

Step 4

This cake has a large flower paste rose made using a 5 petal cutter as the cake top decoration, but you could make a top of your choice, or add a bride and groom cake topper. A snowflake decoration made with the snowflake plunger would also enhance the design.

Finish the edge of the base drum with white 12/15mm width ribbon, or a ribbon of your choice.

Supply List
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