How To Use Ready to Roll Sugarpaste

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Ready to roll sugarpaste icing is a soft paste used for covering a cake or making simple models/flowers. It is ready to roll after kneading well and can be bought in various different sizes and colours. Chocolate and chocolate flavour are also available depending on the type of cake you are decorating.

Our most popular sugarpastes are our Culpitt sugarpaste and Renshaw sugarpaste due to their high quality texture and delicious flavouring.

How do i cover a cake with sugarpaste?

Knead well before rolling out as this will give a smooth finish to your cake, and help eliminate any cracks, crazing etc which may appear as you apply it to the cake.'Polish' with the palms of your hands and use a cake smoother to give a smooth professional looking finish.

How do i colour/mix my sugarpaste?

Who ever said sugarpaste had to be plain white? Not only do we stock a huge variety of Renshaw and Culpitt sugarpaste colours but you can use white sugarpaste as the base before adding colour to it. Our Culpitt sugarpastes may have 16 basic colours in the range but that doesn’t mean you only have 16 different colours to choose from. We've put together a colour mixing chart to show you how to achieve an impressive 72 sugarpaste colours using the Culpitt range alone. View our Colour Mixing Chart blog to learn more about achieving your perfect shade.

Making Sugar Flowers with sugarpaste

Simple models can be created with sugarpaste and will stick without the use of glue if freshly stuck together.  Simple flowers or other shapes may also be made using any of the vast range of plastic or metal cutters available. (More intricate shapes will require a strengthened paste) If you are going to try more elaborate modelling/shapes, a quick way of making modelling paste is to simply mix together sugarpaste and flowerpaste (available ready to use) in a 50:50 ratio. Alternatively, add a powdered gum (gum tragacanth) to the sugarpaste  ( 250g sugarpaste), or simply buy ready to use modelling paste!

Can i use sugarpaste to decorate my cake?

A sugarpasted cake may be decorated in many different ways. Why not cut out different shapes to create your own design on your iced cake? From simple flowers to lettering, Peronalizing your celebration cake couldn't be easier. 


How do i store my unused sugarpaste?

Any unused paste can be stored for several months either in its pack or plastic bag, but must be airtight. Sugar products do not go off but do start to deteriorate eventually. Once a cake is covered with paste the air MUST circulate around it, therefore it is best stored in a proper cardboard cake box. Do NOT refrigerate and do NOT store in a tin or airtight container. A sugarpasted cake can, however, be stored in the freezer provided it is left to dry for 24 hrs upon removal. (Any strong colours used for decoration e.g. Red/black may ‘bleed’ into the icing when thawing.)

If you have a little icing left over, depending on the colour(s), spend some time making items such as spare flowers, marble colours and make stones/pebbles etc ready for future use.


Practising New Techniques

A good idea to practice on leftover paste when using a piece of equipment for the first time, or piping a design, to perfect the technique before using on the cake itself  e.g. Crimpers, embossers etc.