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About Gumpaste

Here at Craft Company we stock a large range of white and coloured paste for modelling at home and pre-made cake decorations for all occasions. Popular brands include Culpitt, Saracino, Renshaw, and Squires Kitchen. New Saracino Flower Paste by Arati Mirji is a popular choice for making fine flowers and petals (read more about Arati Mirji here) and Culpitt Metallic Modelling Paste is always a great option at Christmas!


What is Gumpaste?

Gum paste, sometimes called flower paste, floral paste, or gumpaste, is made from sugar but unlike fondant or sugar paste it sets hard so can be used for detailed cake decorations like flowers, roses, and animals, and cake toppers like this new range from Culpitt. Gum paste decorations are normally decorated with food safe paints so the whole topper is 100% food safe and can be inserted directly into the cake.

Because Gumpaste is painted with food colouring it can’t be washed and care should be taken not to wipe the surface, the colour may run if it gets wet.

How long will Gumpaste Decorations Last?

Gumpaste cake decorations will last for years, simply store in a cool dry place.

Can I eat Gumpaste?

Because Gumpaste dries hard we don’t recommend eating it. Remove the decoration before serving.

Gumpaste is suitable for vegetarians and most gumpaste is suitable for vegans but you should always check the product labeling to be certain.



How To Make Gumpaste Decorations

Gumpaste can be made at home or purchased pre-made (here) and has a clay-like consistency very similar to fondant.

Thanks to the pliable consistency you can create models, flowers, leaves, or shapes easily but because it dries quickly care needs to be taken to work fast when making your decorations. Use modelling tools, texture tools, or stampers for finer details.

Once dry gum paste is shelf-stable and doesn’t need refrigerating.

Gumpaste dries hard and is more durable than Fondant so is perfect for intricate modelling, Gumpaste is especially suited to flower petals, leaves, and figurines.


Ready Made Gumpaste Cake Decorations

Because Gumpaste is easy to store and ship Gum paste cake decorations are a great option for all types of cakes. Gum paste flower sprays are especially popular for wedding cakes and Christmas cakes thanks to the intricate details and pastel colours available.

Gumpaste decorations are plastic free, non-toxic, and 100% food safe.

Craft Company sell non-edible Gumpaste decorations for all occasions including children's birthday cakes, weddings, anniversaries, and more.


What's the difference between Gum Paste, Flower Paste, Modelling Paste, and Fondant (Sugar Paste)?

Gumpaste, Flower Paste, Modelling Paste, and Sugar Paste are all made from sugar but whilst Sugar Paste will remain soft and edible Gumpaste, Flower Paste, and Modelling Paste will all set hard thanks to the other ingredients present. This makes Sugar Paste perfect for covering cakes and Gum Paste, Flower Paste, and Modelling Paste perfect for decorations.

Gum Paste and Flower Paste are the same thing and can be worked in the same way. In some brands Flower Paste is finer and can be made in to even more delicate shapes like petals. Modelling Paste is softer than Gum Paste but still sets hard eventually, this gives you more time to work and craft your cake decorations but is less suited to intricate details and designs.




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