What is Isomalt and how do I use it?


What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is a processed sugar substitute taken from sugar beet. After treatment, it has several advantages over sugar: suitable for diabetics, less calories, can be melted without the addition of water, more resistance to humidity and less clouding.

An extremely versatile product, it is available granulated or ready tempered.

Use it in pulled or boiled sugar work, modelling, cake embellishments, dessert decorations, biscuit centres and moulds.

Precautions before using

First, protect yourself and the surrounding worktop. Use protective heatproof gloves and long sleeves. Have a bowl of cold water nearby in case of accidental contact with the Isomalt. Make sure you have a heatproof mat for the Isomalt pan.

Take care when handling as the melted isomalt is extremely hot and will burn. Not recommended for children.

How do I use Isomalt?

The granulated isomalt can be melted down by melting in short 30 second bursts in the microwave, Once melted leave to stand for a couple of minutes then stir until smooth and transfer to mould or heat proof mat (depending on your project).

If creating 'shards' pour onto a lined baking tray and leave in a dry place to set, Do not refridgerate. Once set 

If you have a few rough edges, a blowtorch can be used quickly to clean them up.

How to store

Store unused pieces in an airtight container until required, preferably with a silica gel sachet to reduce any moisture.

Handle pieces with gloves on if possible, to protect the surface from finger marks.

Isomalt may be re-melted and used again as required.