How can I achieve a square top edge/corners on a sugar pasted cake?


How do you create a sharp, square top edge on a sugar pasted cake?

Designed to work around the top edge of a sugarpasted cake, the Bellissimo Smoothers are a set of 2 small flexible smoothers used together to create a sharp, clean edge, resembling the top edge of a royal iced cake. So, no more do your cakes covered in sugar paste have to have a rounded top edge, you can sharpen them up for all types of designs.

They are made from food grade plastic, with one rounded edge, and one straight edge, smoother.  Easy to use, they are extremely flexible, and are used in one of two ways, depending on whether you are working on a round or a square cake.

It is advisable, but not essential, to apply a base coat with a sharp top edge first. This would usually be marzipan, applied in two pieces, top and sides separately, as if you were coating a royal iced cake.  This makes the job of creating the crisp edge on your sugar paste a little easier.

If coating a round cake, hold the round edge smoother flat on the top surface, and the straight edge smoother against the side of the cake.  Work your way around the cake, using a light pressure, and gently push the two smoothers together.  A sharper edge will start to appear. Continue with this until you have a neat and crisp edge. If the cake is square, use the straight edge of each smoother together.

Whenever you have to create a structure cake with square edges, (buildings, Lego blocks, boxes etc.) this handy pair of flexi  smoothers is a ‘must have’ item.

Another product for the same job is the Sharp Top Edger  which is designed as a one piece smoother to place on the top edge of the cake, and work around gently until the sharp edge has been achieved.