How To Use A Sugarcraft Gun


Probably one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment to have in your cupboard, Especially if you are keen on modelling. This sugarcraft gun comes with 16 different interchangeable discs for a whole range of jobs:- hair/plaits, fur, tassels, grass, ribbons, bows, flowers, writing, nuts and bolts, pencils, lines on sports pitches, ropes, basketweave and bristles etc. Why not add one on to your Birthday or Christmas wish list?

To use

Any paste may be used in your gun, but it must be softened first. Just knead in white fat and a drop of cooled, boiled water until really soft and then place a small piece into the gun, following the very simple instructions given. Insert your chosen disc and get creative.

Top Tips

If the gun starts clicking when you use it, or if the paste does not glide out easily, the paste is too thick. Just add more fat or water to the paste to soften a little more.

If the disc you are using has very small holes, the paste will need to be softer than if the disc has larger holes.