Wedding Cake Checklist


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A wedding cake is surely going to be the most important cake you will ever make, whether it’s your own, or making it for someone else!

It is therefore very important to plan every detail of the cake with the utmost care. We have put together a list of questions to ask your bride and groom to ensure that nothing gets forgotten.

Meet the Bride & Groom to discuss their ideas 

Include type of wedding, venue, time of year etc.

Style and Design of cake 

Traditional, contemporary, casual, rustic, cupcake tower etc.

Hire of Tins and/or Stand(s) and Knife may be necessary.

Consider the room at the venue 

Where will the cake be placed, in the centre or against a wall?

What type of cake is preferred?

Fruit, Sponge, Flavoured sponge or a mix of these. It's a good idea to bake some small samples (maybe cupcakes) of the different flavours you can provide.

Type of icing 

Sugar Paste, Royal Icing, Buttercream, Naked.

Amount of cake needed

Number of Tiers, Sizes, Shape (How many guests?) Dummies may be used if not much cake is required but multiple tiers are desired.

Colour Scheme 

Flowers, Material samples.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there enough time for the decoration required? Are you confident to create it?

Is transport to the venue, and setting up required? (Is the design easy to transport? Will you need any help?)

Do costings after the meeting to avoid rushing and making any mistakes!  (Plan your time spent on cake/decorating, cost of electricity for baking, any new equipment required, transport etc).

Make lists of ingredients and equipment required (Don’t forget boxes for protection and transport, and suitable boxes for left over cake to be carried home afterwards)