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  • Buyers Guide - Cake Boards Header banner
Looking to buy cake boards for the cakes you bake? The cake boards you choose should be determined by the size, shape, type and weight of the cakes, and this guide will help you to pick the most suitable options.

Which Cake Board is right for your Cake?  

Generally speaking there are three main types of support and display for your cake, and they are Cake Cards, Cake Boards and Cake Drums. The cake board you select should be determined by the type of cake you are making as the board needs to be strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of the cake. It is recommended you choose a board that is an inch or two larger than the cake itself, but this does come down to personal preference.  You may wish the board to be seen as a feature to complement the cake, especially if it's coloured or you add decorations to it.

Cake Cards

Cake cards are the thinnest types of cake boards we have available with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 3mm. Cake cards are suitable for lighter cakes including light sponge cakes, gateaux, and cream cakes but would not provide enough support for a heavier cake like a fruit cake. They are ideally used between layers of sponge in tiered cakes whereby you choose a board the same size as your cake.

IMPORTANT NOTE: What does ‘Cut Edge’ or ‘Turned Edge’ mean?

Several of our cake cards are available as 'cut edge' or 'turned edge' - but what does this mean?

Cut edge means that the foil that covers the top of the cake card has been cut at the edge of the card (hence the name)and therefore the plain cardboard is visible around the edge. Cut edge cards are mostly always slightly cheaper than turned edge cards.

Turned edge means that the top foil is 'turned' over the side of the board and the edge of the board is therefore covered in foil too. Turned edge generally gives a neater finish because the board is fully wrapped.

Which you decide to use is mostly down to personal preference and the application. If you are using your cards as support in-between tiers of sponge cakes, then cut edge is better because you won't see the edges anyway. If you are using the cards for presenting lighter cakes, then turned edge might be better.

Cut  Edge Cake Cards
The thinnest and most affordable option within our cake card range. They feature a silver finish only on the top of the board, with the plain cardboard visible around the 'cut-edge' (hence the name) Available in round and square sizes, these lightweight cake cards can be purchased as singles and also in bulk packs.
Double thick Cake Cards
With a thickness of 3mm, not only used for single lightweight cakes but are also a popular option for adding stability to multi-tiered cakes too. Available in round, square and rectangular sizes, they can be purchased as singles and also in bulk packs.
Silver Cake Hardboards
3mm thick and manufactured using a reinforced card, with a silver finish on top and around the edge. Strong and robust, these cake boards can support any type of cake, including heavy fruit cakes. They provide superb strength and stability for large multi-tiered cakes. Available in round, square and rectangular sizes, they can be purchased as singles and also in bulk packs.

Cake Boards

If you are on the lookout for a cake board to support a heavier cake, we have a range of options available. We have cake boards ranging from 4mm to 12mm in thickness and different styles to choose from too.

Masonite Cake Boards have a thickness of 4mm and as their name suggests, they are made from Masonite, a pressure moulded hardboard that is engineered to be strong and durable. These cake boards are popular for occasions like birthdays. They are available in both white and various printed patterns and with care, can be wiped with ease for re-use. It's worth noting that the type of cake you put on the board may leave residue though and may not wipe completely clean.


5mm Cake Boards are constructed with 100% recycled fibres and with a thickness of 5mm are strong enough to support heavier cakes. Manufactured in the UK, these boards are a strong and reliable choice that is also more environmentally-friendly. This cake board is a great alternative to a standard 12mm cake drum and will give the same level of support despite being more compact.
Cake Drum Boards have a thickness of 12mm and are very popular for presenting cakes for special occasions and celebrations like weddings. This is our bestselling cake board.
Our 12mm Cake Drum Boards are the most popular choice for celebrations and special occasions and are traditionally used to support dense fruit cakes and also large multi-tiered cakes. In addition to standard circle, square and rectangle shapes, these Cake Drum Boards are also available in heart, hexagon and petal shapes too. Cake Drum Boards are often decorated with icing and lettering. They also have the required depth to be decorated with a ribbon too.
Our Lightweight Cake Drum Board as the name suggests, is lighter than the standard 12mm Cake Board. Made from compressed corrugated card, it's still a strong option which is well suited to heavy cakes like dense fruit cakes and for supporting multi-tiered wedding cakes. If your cake is very heavy, a lightweight board doesn't add so much to this! Similarly, due to it's depth, it can also be covered in sugar paste or decorated with ribbon.
Satinara Premium Cake Boards have the same thickness (12mm) as our popular Cake Drum Boards, and like those, are manufactured in the UK. These fibreboard boards offer ultimate strength and support of the heaviest of cakes like dense fruit cakes and multi-tiered occasion cakes. The cake boards are available in round or square, and individually or in bulk packs.

Buying Cake Boards for Tiered Cakes

When buying cake boards for tiered cakes, you will require cake boards of different sizes. When choosing the cake board for the bottom tier the same rules of choosing a board which is at least two inches bigger in diameter than the cake itself should apply.

For the tiers which sit on top, however, it is a popular technique to disguise the cake boards and therefore you will choose cake boards which are the same size as the cake tin for these layers. Depending on what sort of cake it is, cards or boards can be used between layers – they add strength and help support the cake as well as making it a bit easier to cut the layer, especially when you include supports or dowels for stability.
Tiered Cakes
  • Tiered Cakes

What size Cake Board should you choose?

Buy a cake board which is at least two inches bigger in diameter than the cake you are baking as this will allow space for icing the cake and also decorating the cake board. 

If you are using particularly large decorations or lettering to decorate the board then you may opt for a board which is even bigger. If you know the size of the tin you are baking your cake in you will be able to establish the diameter of your cake, if you do not know the tin size then you should measure it with a tape measure. 

What shape Cake Board should you choose?

Buy the cake board which matches the shape of your cake. We have cake boards available in various shapes including circle, square, rectangle, petal, heart and hexagon. Once again, regardless of the shape, make sure your cake board is at least two inches bigger in diameter than the cake you are baking.