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Marshmallow Snowmen Cupcakes

Step 1

Divide the buttercream into four portions, one much larger portion and three smaller ones.

Step 2

Colour the large portion with Colour Splash white dust.

Step 3

Apply the no 2 round nozzle to a clean piping bag and fill the piping bag with the white coloured buttercream.

Step 4

Starting in the middle of a cupcake, begin to pipe a swirl outwards until the buttercream covers the top of the cupcake then pipe the swirl upwards finishing in the centre, see the picture for guidance.

Step 5

Colour the three other portions of buttercream with the Colour Splash colours black, orange and pistachio.

Step 6

Next, add one giant marshmallow to each cupcake as pictured.

Step 7

Take a clean piping bag with an ST2 nozzle and fill with black coloured buttercream, Using the black buttercream pipe dots for the eyes and mouth, turn the cupcake around a little and pipe the arms and then fingers, as pictured.

Step 8

Clean the ST2 nozzle and apply it into a clean piping bag. Fill the bag with orange buttercream. Pipe the carrot nose in the space between the eyes and mouth by piping circles that decrease in size until the nose is pointed.

Step 9

Clean the ST2 nozzle and apply to a clean piping bag. Fill the piping bag with Pistachio buttercream. To finish pipe three buttons as pictured.

Marshmallow Snowmen Cake Pops

Step 1

Select two marshmallows that evenly match and thread them one after another onto the cake pop straw. Take care not to pierce the top of the second marshmallow. Add a little edible glue between them to stick them together.

Step 2

Use the Colour Splash black food pen and draw on the eyes. Top Tip: Gently push the wide tip into the marshmallow and twist the pen. Draw on the mouth using the thin tip of the black pen, for best results dab the pen onto the marshmallow.


Step 3 

Turn the marshmallow snowman to the side and draw a line to create the arms, and then add the fingers as pictured. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4

Add the carrot nose with the orange pen. Top Tip: Firstly draw a diagonal line, add lines to create an arrow at the bottom of the line then join back to the top with a slightly rounded line. Fill in the carrot by dabbing the pen tip, as pictured.

Step 5

To finish draw three buttons using the green pen. Again, gently push the tip into the marshmallow and twist the pen.


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