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This simple yet stunning easy mermaid cake can be achieved with ease following our step by step guide. Perfect for any little mermaid's celebration!

insert image...

For this, we used:

Step 1:

Bake an 8" cake, flavour of your choice and allow to cool completely before splitting, filling and masking.

Take your brilliant white sugar paste and divide into four equal portions. Using your Colour Splash gels, colour three of the portions to pastel shades as follows, 1 in blue, 1 in jade and 1 in green. Don’t worry about mixing the colour thoroughly, a marbled mix is fine.

insert image....

Step 2:

Once mixed divide the colours and your 1 plain white portion into quarters and roll into sausages. Lay the sausage randomly side by side then squash together.

insert image....

Roll all these colours into a sausage fold and roll again. Finally, twist the sausage then flatten out.

insert image....

Roll out your sugar paste and cover your cake.

insert image....

Step 3:

Take out your FMM grass tappit cutter, and green modelling paste. Roll out your green modelling paste and cut from this four sections of grass.

insert image....

Step 4:

Using edible glue, add the grass sections to the bottom of your cake, flush to the board.

insert image....

Step 5:

Next, roll out your yellow modelling paste into a long strip. This is easily done if you first roll the paste into a sausage, then roll along the length.

Once rolled, cut one edge straight then cut a wavy line approximately 30mm at the highest point (as shown below) Cut as many of these lengths as you need to circle your cake.

insert image....

Step 6:

Using edible glue, add these to your cake against the grass section flush to the board (as shown below)

insert image....

Step 7:

Take out your black and white modelling paste. Roll two pea-sized balls from the white, and one from the black. Half mix these balls together. Take a pinch from the mix and cut into small pieces.

insert image....

Pinch off a marble-sized ball from your white modelling paste and add the small portion of grey mix together. Mix them together until they marble as pictured and look like pebbles. Squash the pebbles into random shapes.

insert image....

Step 8:

Using edible glue, add these to your cake against the yellow sand strip in groups of three (as shown below)

insert image....

Step 9:

Finally, to complete your cake, take out your mermaid piped sugar decorations and using edible glue, stick the whale tails above the grass and the shells and starfish along the bottom of the cake.

insert image....


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