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These simple Unicorn cupcakes are so easy to make, Perfect for any unicorn themed celebration!

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For this, we used:

Step 1:

Separate your cupcake batter equally into four bowls.

Use the four Colour Splash gels to colour each bowl. Colours can intensify during baking so we recommend using a smaller amount of gel for better results.

Starting with one colour, divide the mixture equally between the baking cups using a dessert spoon and smooth it out so you have a layer at the bottom. Continue with all the other colours in the same way, evenly spreading each layer out and being careful not to mix the colours together so that you end up with distinct layers of colour.

Bake your cupcakes.

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Step 2:

Divide your buttercream into 3 bowls. Colour one bowl using Pale Pink gel, one using Blue and one using Lemon.

Fill three piping bags with each of your three buttercream colours. Cut 10mm off the tips of each bag.

Insert the 2D drop flower nozzle into another piping bag and carefully insert the three filled piping bags, ensuring ends are level and as near to the nozzle as possible.

insert image...

Step 3:

Away from your cupcakes test the triple colour piping bag with a swirl. All of your colour should be equal in portion if not pull back the colours that are more predominant until you equal colours.

Once you are confident in your triple piping swirl start on your cupcakes.

insert image...

Step 4:

Mix all your Purple Cupcake pearls and confetti and carefully sprinkle over your triple piped cupcakes.

insert image...

Finally top with unicorn pipings.



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