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If ever there was a versatile product, useful to have in your cupboard, Piping Gel would win all the awards!

It is a clear transparent gel, made with cornstarch, and has many uses, therefore making it an extremely useful product to have around.  You can make it yourself, but far easier and more convenient, it is available to buy in tubs, ready to use!

Here are a few ideas for using it:-


Instant water (ponds, lakes, streams, sea!) for use on cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc.  May be coloured blue or left plain.


Piping gel is very sticky, therefore is excellent to use as a glue for sticking light sugar pieces together.  It is transparent so will not show!  (Idea!  Glue wafer pieces together if making wafer flowers etc).  If a more substantial glue is required, simply mix the gel with some sugarpaste to make a more ‘tacky’ mixture.  This could also be used to hide blemishes/holes on sugarpasted cakes – simply brush on the matching colour of sugarpaste mixed with the piping gel, and work in to conceal the error!

Colouring and flavouring

Any food colour may be added – concentrated paste colours are ideal. Why not also add a flavour!


Add a touch of sparkle with the addition of edible glitter and glitter flakes!


Place into a piping bag for piping decoration onto cakes and cookies. (Ideas!  Pipe outlines and drop edible sprinkles on top.  Pipe dewdrops onto flowers and leaves / teardrop and diamante shapes with glitter for wedding decoration).   The gel sets after a while, becoming fairly solid.


Perfect for masking polystyrene dummy cakes before coating with sugarpaste.  Brush over the tops of cupcakes before icing.


Use as a glaze on sugar pieces (eyes, noses on animals, on rocks etc.) – dilute slightly with clear alcohol first, and flavour if wished.  Add a glaze onto fruit tarts and baked goods – this also helps to preserve them.


Add a touch to royal icing when creating brush embroidery.  This not only softens the icing for working it with a brush, but will prolong the working time before the icing dries out!

Stained glass effect

Colour in several shades if creating a stained glass effect on cakes or cookies.


If added to whipped cream, this will stabilise the cream, therefore helping to keep the cream a little longer at room temperature.


So, these are just some ideas for Piping Gel, proving what a useful and versatile product it is.   I’m sure many of you have other brilliant ideas for using it!



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