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Culpitt Select Mix & Match Cake Sprinkles

Fact. Here at Craft Company, we love cake sprinkles.

And if you’re reading this, we guess you do too! 
Sprinkles for cakes are a simple and highly impactful way to decorate your cakes (amongst other things, they’re not just the best toppings for cakes alone!) They are suitable for every celebration and occasion. Sprinkles turn an everyday bake into something really fun and special. Decorating cakes with sprinkles is so easy, and you’ll find them in lists of ingredients for all sorts of recipes and desserts. Available in many different shapes and sizes, there’s something for everyone. Nonpareils are a great option when baking with kids, but confetti quins can also add simple sophistication to opulent celebration cakes too. 
So, whether you’re a hobby baker, or a professional cake maker and decorator, we can all agree sugar sprinkles are a super-versatile essential to have in your cake decorating cupboard.
Do you sometimes get tired of seeing the same pre-mixed sprinkle packs, or can’t quite find the right cake topping for your bake?  Do you love creating bespoke and unique cakes and biscuits that are eye-catching and original? Are you tasked with needing to match your cupcake sprinkles to an unusual birthday cake theme or donuts in specific football team colours?
If you answered yes to any of the above (and frankly, even if you didn’t!), then look no further than colourful Culpitt Select cake sprinkles, available now at Craft Company. These mix and match sprinkles are the innovative approach to truly bespoke cake decorations that will give all your cakes the ‘wow’ factor.
With these new sprinkles, the possibilities are endless when you create your own mixes for decorating cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, cocktails, ice creams and more. Whether it’s an everyday bake or a show-stopping celebration, Culpitt Select cake sprinkles provide the foundations, and you provide the flair! 
There are simply hundreds and thousands of combinations you can create.


100s and 1000s! How does it work for my cake?

It’s simple. 
Mix and match from 18 different options including strands / jimmies, pearls and shapes, then stir or shake up your own bespoke cake decorating sprinkles to suit every single cake or treat you make. From every day to every occasion, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, desserts, ice creams and even decorating the rim of a cocktail glass, you can create the best cake sprinkle toppings with Culpitt Select!
Choose the colours and types of sprinkles required that allow you to create your own unique and individual cake decorating combinations.  Simply mix and match across the range for endless original and striking possibilities.

These 500g Culpitt Select sprinkles are exceptionally good value, especially if you run a small cake business and are looking for cost-effective solutions for your cakes, without compromising on quality.  You can even let customers choose the sprinkles they want like a traditional pick and mix! If you’re a keen home-baker, the freestanding 500g of pouch is a refreshing new pack size for buying sprinkles – not too small, not too big. Just right!


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Need some inspiration?

There really are 100s and 1000s of options with this range, which is why we love it. There’s so much potential for every cake, for every occasion. As the Culpitt Select saying goes, ‘We provide the foundations, and you provide the flair!’
What are you waiting for? Let’s unleash our copious amounts of cake creativity and mix things up!
When it’s game on for making a football cake, how about shaking up some edible black pearls, white strands and green sprinkle strands for an awesome ‘Match Day’ mix?  Plus, you can always add some team colours depending on who they support, so whether it’s a Newcastle United cake, Manchester City biscuits or Arsenal Donuts, cake decorating with Culpitt Select sprinkles is always the winner!

Need your unicorn birthday cake to look different to every other unicorn themed party this year? *sigh*


Coordinate with other unicorn cake decorations, grab some pink and turquoise pearls, some mini white heart shapes, throw in some gold stars and top up with white, blue, purple and pink strand sprinkles. There you have yourself an original and unique unicorn cake. Phew!


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