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With so many other things to think about during the festive period, if you do decide to get the rolling pin out and do some baking over Christmas, it’s a good idea to make things as easy and as straightforward as possible. To ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the festivities with friends and family this year, we have provided some easy Christmas baking ideas for you to try. And speaking of your friends and family, you could also get them to help you out in the kitchen to make your Christmas baking experience even easier!

Despite all the shopping, wrapping of presents and other associated tasks you need to carry out in the run up to Christmas, we can assure you that with these simple Christmas baking ideas your time spent in the kitchen over the festive period will be a piece of cake! Whether you are baking a show-stopping cake to enjoy on Christmas day or want to bake some festive treats, like biscuit and muffins, for everyone to snack on throughout the holidays, this easy baking for Christmas guide is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Spiced Christmas Biscuits

These spiced Christmas biscuits are so versatile! They make a great snack over the festive period to be enjoyed with a cup of tea but can also be made into Christmas tree decorations too. These spiced biscuits are baked with cinnamon and ground ginger and can be simply decorated with icing. You can add other elements like edible sprinkles, edible sparkles and edible glitters, and they are ideal for getting the kids involved in the decorating process. You can make these biscuits into various Christmas themed shapes. You will need Christmas shape cutters to make these biscuits with plenty of options available including Cake Star Christmas Tree Plunger Cutters and Cake Star Triple Holly Plunger Cutters.


Mixed Spice Christmas Robin Biscuits 

Staying with a traditional spiced biscuit theme, these mixed spice Robin biscuits are another easy Christmas baking recipe which can be made in large batches to provide plenty of tasty snacks for the festive season. They are decorated with white icing, halved cherries, flake bars and currants. Once again, they are a great recipe to bake with the kids this Christmas and you can all have fun decorating them. If you haven’t got a robin cookie cutter, printing off a picture of a robin and following the shape in your cookie dough will be required.   


Merry Cherry Christmas Tart

This cherry tart could be enjoyed as an alternative dessert on Christmas day. The festive element is provided by shortbread Christmas trees which are used to decorate this tart. The filling, which consists of cherries, sugar, port wine and cornflour, is very easy to make and provides a delicious sweetness. You can serve this dessert with cream, ice cream or custard. It can also be enjoyed cool with a cup of tea as a treat on Christmas day or Boxing-day. The recipe involves making the pastry yourself but if you would like to make the task of baking this Merry Cherry Christmas Tart even easier, you can always buy pre-made pastry. 


Snowball Cake

This easy Snowball Cake will provide a standout treat, in both appearance and taste, over the festive period. The fluffy cream and cheese frosting and coconut shavings create a snow-like aesthetic, and this can be further emphasised by chocolate truffle snowballs being added to the top of the cake. This cake is simply perfect to enjoy at this time of year, preferably in front of a nice warm fire and with a cup of tea or coffee. It has a velvety, rich coconut flavour which makes it deliciously moreish. This snowball cake might be straightforward to make but it provides pure luxury and indulgence.  


White Chocolate, Cranberry & Cheesecake Blondies

Cranberry is synonymous with Christmas dinner but being made into a sauce and smothered over your roast Turkey isn’t the only way to enjoy these red berries this festive season, as demonstrated by these delicious Blondies. Rich and sweet white chocolate combines superbly with the tart flavour of cranberries in these festive treats. If that doesn’t sound tasty enough, they have been elevated to an even higher level with the addition of a vanilla cheesecake swirl. These white chocolate, cranberry & cheesecake blondies are great for snacking on during the Christmas holidays and take less than an hour to make.


Stollen Muffins

Stollen is a popular German bread which is enjoyed throughout the world at this time of year, and this is certainly a unique twist on a classic recipe. These stollen muffins only take 15 minutes to prepare prior to baking too, making this a time-efficient muffin recipe. You could also make these muffins in advance and freeze for up to three months before defrosting and glazing to serve. The ingredients for these muffins couldn’t be any more festive and include almonds, cinnamon, ginger, marzipan and a combination of dried fruit and peel. This recipe does not contain any alcohol but if you wish, the dried fruit can be soaked in whiskey, brandy or rum a day before baking.


Cinnamon Shortbread Stars

These shortbread stars have added festive spice, in the form of cinnamon, and include just five ingredients. Not only does the shortbread mixture itself contain ground cinnamon but cinnamon sugar is also sprinkled over the top to provide a real taste of Christmas. They are quick and easy to make, take just 15 minutes to cook and are ideal if you are inviting friends and family around to your home over the festive season. To cut these cinnamon shortbreads into a star shape you will need Star Shaped Biscuit Cutters


Gingerbread Cinnamon Cupcakes

This list may have featured plenty of cinnamon already, but these are the first cupcakes to make an appearance so far. These gingerbread cinnamon cupcakes take less than an hour to make, and that includes the baking time too. If you and your family like your cupcakes to be full of festive spice, this is certainly a recipe worth trying. The buttercream has a drizzle of sticky toffee sauce to create an indulgent topping. To continue the festive theme, you could use Christmas themed baking cases to make these Gingerbread cinnamon cupcakes like these Baked with Love Vintage Holly Baking Cases.


Christmas Chocolate Cake

I’m sure all the chocolate lovers out there have been quick to notice the distinct lack of chocolate-based recipes in this list. Well, don’t worry as we have got something just for you in the shape of this easy Christmas chocolate cake recipe. If you are not a fan of fruit-based cakes, this could even be made as an alternative to traditional Christmas cake. The total preparation and cooking time takes just 45 minutes, and it is the perfect cake for your kids to help you to decorate after you have added the melted chocolate chips and melted marshmallows. Edible Christmas Cake Decorations like these Holly and Christmas Puddings Sugar Cake Decorations.  


Gingerbread Reindeer

It’s not Christmas without reindeer and these gingerbread biscuits can be made in no time, with your little ones helping to decorate them. Preparation and cooking time takes just 25 minutes but remember to allow to cool after baking before applying the icing to ensure it doesn’t melt. The classic Rudolph style red noses can be provided by M&M’s. The shape of these biscuits can be created with standard gingerbread cutters, leaving it down to the creative skills of yourself and your children to produce lots of biscuits which look like reindeer. You can use Cake Star Writing Icing to decorate these Gingerbread Reindeer. 


Vanilla Crescents

These vanilla crescents are a great snack to enjoy over the festive period, with a light and buttery flavour which makes them deliciously moreish. Only five ingredients are required to make these vanilla based biscuits, with the entire process, including preparation and baking, taking just one hour. You could make them in the lead up to Christmas too as they can be stored in an airtight container, each separated by sheets of paper, for up to a week. Finish them off by dusting with light confectioners’ sugar and they make a fabulous treat to enjoy in the afternoon with a cup of tea.


Stacked Christmas Tree Cookies

Use prepared cookie dough for these stacked Christmas tree cookies and get the kids to help you decorate them for hassle-free, time-efficient baking. To make the various round layers so they can be stacked to form the Christmas trees, these Round Cutters will be useful. In order to make the stacked cookies look like trees during decoration, you could use this Christmas Green Dusting Colour. These Stacked Christmas Tree Cookies look amazing and taste just as good. They are great as a showpiece snack when friends and family visit over the holidays, if the kids don’t eat them before then!


Apple Spice Cake

With a total preparation and baking time of 1 hour 35 minutes, this Apple Spice Cake takes a little longer than some of the other recipes in this article but is still manageable, even during the busy festive period. Apple and cinnamon are a great combination at any time of year but especially at Christmas! Lemon and orange juice provide this cake with a zesty tang, making this the perfect festive treat to enjoy with a hot drink when you manage to get a rare moment of peace of the Christmas holidays.


Christmas Chocolate Yule Log

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Yule log chocolate cake and with this straightforward recipe you can create a real traditional classic in just 35 minutes. Chocolate Yule Logs are sometimes chosen as an alternative to fruit-based cake, and this will provide the perfect centrepiece on Christmas day. This deliciously indulgent cake is made with luxurious dark chocolate icing. It is a popular dessert which is often covered in cream, but any leftovers can be sliced and stored in the fridge to be enjoyed the next day with a hot cup of tea or coffee.  


Christmas Tree Brownies

We’ve got this far without mentioning one of the most popular sweet treats out there, Brownies! To make these delicious Christmas Tree brownies the easy way, you can use readymade brownie mix like this Chocolate Flavour Fudge Brownie Cake Mix. They are not only easy to make but they are also easy to eat too with a popsicle stick providing a handle to hold while you devour the brownie itself! This is another recipe which is tailor-made for getting the kids involved with, particularly the decorating part.


Snowman Biscuits

Follow this simple recipe to make these Snowman biscuits which the kids are sure to help you decorate over the festive period. You can even bake these biscuits in advance and freeze before defrosting at a later date and decorating all in one go. Using different coloured icing to decorate each Snowman hat in a unique style makes these biscuits look really bright and colourful when arranged on a plate or in a tin. 


Santa Hat Cupcakes

For these festive treats, simply bake your favourite flavoured cupcakes and decorate each one with red and white frosting to create a really easy Santa Hat design - you can even add some edible glitter. Once again, this is another great recipe to get your kids involved with. These Santa Hat Cupcakes will certainly prove to be a much-loved snack over the holidays.


Christmas Light Cupcakes

Continuing with the cupcakes at Christmas trend and yet another perfect recipe for getting the children involved with, these Christmas Light Cupcakes taste delicious and have vibrant appearance. To make this even easier you can use Ready Made Vanilla Buttercream Style Icing to cover these cupcakes with, and can use an oil-based colour to make the icing green. The kids are sure to love creating the Christmas light effect by adding the multicoloured M&M’s on top of these cupcakes.


Chocolate and Pistachio Tiffin

This is so easy that it doesn’t even require any baking whatsoever! The chocolate, biscuit and pistachio mixture takes just 15 minutes to put together before being poured into a prepared tin and placed in the fridge to chill for at least one hour. Once set, you can then create the topping with finely chopped chocolate, pistachios and edible glitter and sprinkles. When you have covered with the topping, the Chocolate and Pistachio Tiffin then goes back into the fridge to chill for another 20 minutes. You can then chop into square slices for you and the whole family to enjoy when you like.


Snowflake Whoopie Pies

As part of this feature on easy Christmas Baking ideas we have shared plenty of cake and biscuit recipes for you to try over the festive period. We therefore thought it would be rather fitting to share this final recipe which could be classed as both a cake and a biscuit. This one might require a little more time and effort than some of the other ideas on this list, but we think these Snowflake Whoopie Pies will definitely be worth it in the end. This American treat contains a buttercream centre and iced topping for a yummy festive snack. 


Now it’s over to you to try some of these easy Christmas baking recipes throughout the festive season! Get the kids involved too and have some fun during the holidays by baking Christmas treats together. 




Heya. This is a great idea. I have a loose plan in order to bake up Christmas treats this year. I am hoping to make 24 festive red and green cupcakes all on a tray in addition to eat. And I want to bake Santa biscuits as well. That is a great idea. Best wishes to you here. Other fun possible baking options include a entire batch of seasonal gingerbread men. I love the idea of making a festive cake.

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