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Five Best Easter Baking Ideas

Published date: 19/03/2021 12:02

We’ve put together a handy blog to explore the best Easter baking ideas to make your seasonal baking go with a hop, skip and jump. Whether you have kids around the house or not, a traditional chocolate egg is always a joy. But have you ever thought about foregoing the shop bought variety and making your own Easter treats?

How to start a cake business from home - Part Two

Published date: 04/03/2021 11:55

If you read my last post about starting a cake business from home, you’ll know that there are several steps you need to take BEFORE you start trading in order to stay within the law. But now you’ve done all that, in Part 2 it’s time for the fun and creative side of starting a baking business – hooray!

How to start a cake business from home - Part One

Published date: 24/02/2021 11:19

I’ve been asked by The Craft Company to write a short series of blogs about setting up and running a cake business from home. Here’s my first blog about getting started – the business and regulations stuff, and I’m hoping to write some more posts about planning and tips for promoting your business too. Let’s get started…

What to bake for Valentine's Day

Published date: 09/02/2021 10:54

Baking for the one you love this Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to express love, gratitude and romance. Whether you go all out with a sumptuous Valentine menu or you brighten their day with a temptingly delicious plate of hand baked goodies, we’ve pulled together some simple Valentine’s recipes to round off the perfect day of romance.

Four easy chocolate cake recipes for every occasion

Published date: 27/01/2021 08:54

Chocolate cake! It’s one of our favourites here at The Craft Company, and we’re not too proud to admit that we spend a good deal of our time talking about chocolate cake, researching chocolate cake recipes and, when we’re very lucky, eating it too. So, we thought, as it’s chocolate cake day this month, we’d celebrate by writing about that very subject. That’s why we’ve put together five gorgeous recipes for amazing chocolate cakes to help anybody and everybody join in with the celebration. Let’s go!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 12 56 Results