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the science behind the perfect cupcake

Published date: 28/07/2020 13:28

Baking is a science as well as an art. Most of us have found out the hard way that you can’t just guess a cupcake recipe. From adding too much baking powder to over-mixing your batter, any slight alterations can make all the difference between a flawless cupcake and a totally botched bake. But have you ever wondered why those magic numbers in your recipe book work while our made up ones don’t?

using our colour mixing chart to capture the perfect shade!

Published date: 28/07/2020 13:10

The perfect icing colour can take a cake from really good to really great, but tracking it down in stores can be a tricky task. However, the good news is that we’ve created a pretty fabulous colour mixing chart to help you achieve just about any colour you could possibly want.

summer cocktail inspired cupcakes!

Published date: 27/07/2020 14:45

To celebrate the sunshine finally making more of an appearance, we’ve put together a collection of our top 10 favourite summer cocktails…all in cupcake form and using delicious flavoured icing mixes!

making models with marzipan

Published date: 23/07/2020 12:31

Marzipan definitely comes into its own around Christmas time when we make our traditional Christmas cakes so what better way to enhance your Christmas cake this year than with some festive marzipan models! The children are sure love them, and could even get involved by having a go at making them themselves.

Your Top 10 Cake Lace Questions Answered!

Published date: 16/01/2020 14:45

Cake lace is a great way to add an elegant touch to cakes for all kinds of special occasions. We stock a variety of stunning readymade cake lace you can use but for those of you that prefer to create your own we’ve answered your top 10 cake lace questions, from the simple, ‘How do I use it?’ to more advanced tips and techniques. Read our cake lace FAQ below and inspire yourself to create a lacy showstopper that will have everybody swooning!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 11 52 Results