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As lockdown has mostly eased away (hopefully!) The Craft Company team has been reflecting on the past six months and how a nation’s baking habits have changed in response to unprecedented times. While many people were furloughed and took on lockdown projects, there were also many who had to take on the challenge of home learning with the kids and working from home at the same time.

There’s no doubt that we’ve all faced our own individual challenges, but baking fans, we’ve noticed the bakers we have the pleasure of talking to have fallen into one of five baking bowls… Which were you?


The ‘can’t find any ingredients’ baker


No matter how many supermarkets, online stores and corner shops you visited, you couldn’t find any self-raising flour or icing sugar for love nor money. I mean, what’s with stockpiling icing sugar? First the toilet rolls and hand sanitisers, then flour and icing sugar? Don’t they know there are people out there who actually want to bake?

OK, we get that people wanted strong bread flour for their new-found skill of baking bread, but was there really any need to pillage the shelves of anything resembling our favourite sweet powder? How are we to whip up a delicious batch of creamy frosting now?


The ‘I’ve got time on my hands so I’m going to learn to bake’ baker


Good on you – you’ve seized this unexpected opportunity by the Choux horns and taken the plunge. You’ve mastered the Victoria sponge, you’ve topped the chocolate cupcake and you’ve nailed the most delicious cookies the world has ever seen.

What’s your next challenge before the fervour of lockdown disappears completely? Macarons? Croquembouche? We believe in you. You can do this. Just make sure you share photos of your incredible creations over on our Facebook page for the whole world to admire and applaud.


The ‘Keep the kids occupied with baking’ baker


With schools out for five months and home learning presenting more of a challenge than you anticipated, you’ve decided to schedule regular baking sessions with the kids into your week. You planned your recipes, sourced your ingredients, you even bought them snazzy little aprons to add to the excitement. You’ve conquered your fear of mess and let them get their little mitts mucky while learning about ingredients and baking.

You’ve made the measuring process into a maths lesson, you’ve turned the mixing process into a PE session and you’ve encouraged their scientific wonder as they watched their tasty treats turn from a sloppy paste intoa deliciously spongey, gooey, irresistible finished product. Top marks all round.


The ‘I’ll give Paul Hollywood a run for his money’ baker


You’ve always been a fan of the sourdough loaf, a good crusty baguette and the seeded batch. But given the restrictions of lockdown you started to miss your regular fix of good quality bread. That’s why you rolled up your shirt sleeves, chucked on an apron, liberally sprinkled some flour on your surfaces and kneaded your dough as if your life depended on it. You’ve even been known to sprinkle rock salt from a great height, artistically arrange sprigs of rosemary atop a twisted plait and experiment with chilli and chocolate in a soda bread loaf. Well, haven’t you? Take a bow!


The ‘I just need a sweet treat’ baker


You’d usually be found stalking the biscuit and cake aisle at your local supermarket. Poking and prodding, sniffing and smelling. Deciding which ready-made treat will grace your tea table today. But lockdown’s scuppered your fun, hasn’t it? Where will you get your sweet fix from now? You reach for the internet and Google ‘simple recipe for madeira cake’ and ‘how to make ginger biscuits’. Needs must, and all that, right?

Whichever baker you’ve been over lockdown, comment below and share your lockdown experiences with the Craft Company team – we’d love to know about your 2020 baking experiences.


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