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The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising which can only mean one thing…summertime! But what does that mean for your cake decorating? Runny icing? Droopy decorations? Not on our watch! We’ve put together our top tips for cake decorating during the hot and humid months so you can keep things cool in the kitchen this summer.

  • Try to handle the sugar paste little as possible when covering your cake as over handling in the heat will result in a sticky mess. If your sugar paste is very sticky to start with just pop it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  • During the hotter months be prepared to work early morning or evening, and keep a blind down to shut out the sun.
  • Preparation is key! If you know it’s likely to be hot then we recommend you make your decorations well in advance so that they dry thoroughly before use.
  • Air bubbles often appear between the cake and the sugar paste covering in hot weather. To get rid of them very carefully prick them with a small pin and push the air out.
  • Beware of using dark colours (especially red) as they may bleed onto white icing in warm weather. If possible, place onto a plaque or, if writing, pipe white first with red over the top.
  • Keep your hands cool by frequently holding your wrists under running cold water.

  • If possible, avoid using chocolate and certain frostings that are more susceptible to the heat. Custard or Bavarian cream also don’t hold up in the heat and could end up making your cake too soggy.
  • If you’re lucky enough live in an area where warm weather isn’t such a rare occurrence it may be a good idea to invest in a de-humidifier for those hot and humid days.
  • Bake your cake(s) a day or two before you decorate them. This will keep the temperature in your kitchen down.
  • Choose your decorations wisely. A hot day is not a good time to try making very thin, detailed or intricate designs. More solid, sturdy decorations make a much better choice.
  • If using buttercream, fill the piping bag less than normal to ensure you're not handling it too much.
  • Madeira cake is a great recipe choice for particularly hot days as it is very firm, making it much easier to work with in hot weather - try this easy recipe!
  • Once baked and decorated, keep your cake in as cool and dry a place as possible.

Can't decide what to create for a special summertime occasion?  Check out our range of totally tropical cake decorations to make the ultimate tutti-fruitti colourful explosion!

Tropical themed cake decorations

Do you have any other great advice for cake decorating in warm weather? Share your tips and comments below!





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