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Birthday Cake Ideas 

If you have been tasked with baking a birthday cake and are looking for some much-needed inspiration, you have arrived at the right place. Whether you are making a birthday cake for a friend, family member or even yourself, we have plenty of ideas below. The flavour and type of birthday cake might be determined by the preferences of the birthday boy or birthday girl but if you have got a complete blank canvas to work with then you can really get your creative juices flowing. You could be making the cake for a surprise party or planned get-together but either way you will want to make sure it goes down a treat with everyone.

Making a Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavours including popular varieties like chocolate and vanilla. Sponge cake filled with buttercream icing and jam is what most people think of whenever the words ‘birthday cake’ are mentioned but in reality, the possibilities are endless. There are so many birthday cake recipes out there which are enjoyed by people of all ages. Making the birthday cake itself can be quite straightforward through following an easy recipe, like the one below. The process of decorating a birthday cake is likely to take up most of your time and effort but you can choose from an array of birthday cake decorations here. If you don’t have enough time to make a birthday cake, you could even buy a premade cake like this to decorate yourself. 


Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are planning to make and decorate a child’s birthday cake, you may already have a theme or an idea in mind. However, if you are still on the lookout for some inspiration we are here to help. Whether you are searching for boy birthday cake ideas or girl birthday cake ideas, here are some popular party themes to consider: 

Mermaid Birthday Cake 

A mermaid birthday cake with blue icing, to depict the ocean, can provide a real centrepiece at a children’s birthday party. Using mermaid birthday cake decorations  is a quick and easy way of making a cake to fit this particular theme. With various moulds and cutters, in addition to specially made cake toppers, you have all the products available to ensure the making of this cake goes swimmingly. 

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Dinosaurs provide a genuine fascination for many children which is why birthday cakes featuring these prehistoric animals are extremely popular. If it is your intention to create a birthday cake with a Jurassic theme, we have a vast array of dinosaur birthday cake decorations to help you every step of the way. From dinosaur sugar decorations to a Jurassic World fallen Kingdom Deco set, make a cake which everyone will love.

Princess Birthday Cake

This is one of the most sought-after shop-bought cakes around but why not make the occasion extra special by making a princess birthday cake yourself? Pink icing is the obvious choice, and these cakes often have two or three tiers. With princess birthday cake decorations like tiaras, castles and princess sugar decorations, you have all you need to make the perfect princess cake. 

Football Birthday Cake

Create a birthday cake which is sure to be a real winner with a football mad boy or girl by using football birthday cake decorations. This range includes match decorations in addition to football sugar decorations and candles. For the cake itself, you have quite a few different choices. Making a football pitch with green icing is one option, whereas a classic black and white football is another. With it being a world cup year too, football birthday cakes are sure to be in high demand!

Unicorn Birthday Cake

If you need to make a birthday cake for a unicorn themed party, our selection of unicorn birthday cake decorations will be particularly helpful. From unicorn cake topper decorations to unicorn and rainbow candles, there is all you need to make a cake depicting this mythological creature. There are many different styles when it comes to unicorn birthday cakes with white, blue and pink colours in addition to rainbow designs all possible options.   

Superhero Birthday Cake

If your superpower is baking then why not put it to great use by making a showstopping superhero birthday cake for a party! Whether you are looking to bake a cake which features a specific superhero like Batman, Spiderman, Superman or Wonder Woman, or maybe a general cake which incorporates a variety of themes, this collection of superhero birthday cake decorations are guaranteed to come in handy.   

Birthday cake ideas for adults

One thing is for certain, you are never too old for a birthday cake! We do feel it is necessary to split the birthday cake ideas for adults and kids into two separate sections though as someone celebrating their 40th or 50th may not be interested in a superhero or mermaid cake! You may still appreciate a numbered candle though! So do check out some adult specific cake ideas if you are baking a homemade birthday cake for an adult!

Birthday Cupcake Ideas

We cannot finish this article without providing you with some ideas for birthday cupcakes. Cupcakes are perfect for parties because they are easy to eat and are more convenient than cakes as they do not require cutting into separate slices. Cupcakes are also really popular among children and adults alike so if the party includes a variety of different ages, your birthday cupcakes are sure to be enjoyed by everyone. 

Vanilla Cupcake with Whipped Buttercream

When it comes to baking for a birthday party, it’s important to make something which most people will like. You can’t go wrong with vanilla flavouring which is why you are certain to get plenty of compliments if you make this particular variety of cupcake. Deliciously moist cupcakes with whipped buttercream and sprinkles are a prime example of how sometimes the simple things in life are the best.
Handmade sugar decorations are an easy way to add a unique twist and can be purchased in hundreds of different colours and styles. 

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake

Another baking idea which should appeal to the masses are indulgent birthday chocolate cupcakes. The rich chocolate flavour is provided by cocoa powder which is used in the making of the cupcakes and the icing. If you have any of these luxurious and easy to make cupcakes leftover after the big birthday bash, they will go brilliantly alongside your favourite hot drink whenever you get a spare minute to yourself!


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