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Chocolate decorating as a creative hobby is becoming increasingly popular amongst avid bakers, creative confectioners and devoted chocoholics around the world! Its smooth, rich taste makes it an irresistible guilty pleasure for millions of people and a divine garnish for all types of cakes and bakes. While our Colour Splash food colouring powders are primarily used by our customers for cake decorating, they’re also a fantastic way to add a bit of colour and fun to your chocolate creations so they can look just as delicious as they taste.

To get an idea of just how well they work together, we asked chocolatiere Dr Christopher Sibthorp from Eponine Patisserie to review the effects our powders have when used on chocolate. The feedback he gave us was so positive that we thought we would a share a few of his thoughts and findings with you…

Discussing the powders’ suitability for chocolate work, Chris found that they produced great results across the full range of common applications. The metallic shades didn’t stand out much when used on white chocolate but gave a lovely subtle shimmer effect to milk and dark chocolate. However, the matt and pearl colours were both found to work brilliantly on chocolate, performing well across all applications and chocolate types.

For an all-over colour, Chris dusted some of our powder directly onto fully set chocolate pieces. He found this method not only left a lovely all-over colour but could also create highlights and beautiful lustre effects depending on how many layers of the powder were applied. He also discussed how finer detail or more controlled patterns could be achieved by mixing the powders with rejuvenator spirit to produce an edible paint; once the desired shade is achieved, it can be applied directly to fully set chocolate treats using a soft brush.

Chris also got bold, colourful results when he dusted the powders over chocolate mould cavities before filling them with liquid chocolate. Once the chocolates had set, they each revealed a beautiful smooth top coating of colour and a lovely gloss. The science behind this effect is simply down to the liquid chocolate adhering to the powder in the mould as it crystallises, producing an even colouration once set. The matt and pearl colours were once again found to provide a stronger result during this method than the metallic shades.

Finally, Chris discussed the effects of mixing the powders with melted cocoa butter to create chocolate paints. He swirled the coloured cocoa butter into various moulds before pouring in liquid chocolate, again creating a lovely colourful surface once set. He also applied the coloured cocoa butter directly to some fully set chocolate and found that using cocoa butter with the matt and pearl shades allowed for excellent precision in application (similar to the use of rejuvenator spirit as previously discussed) and a fantastic strong intensity of colour!

Up until trying our powders, Chris would use expensive professional chocolate colourings with limited choices on shades and finishes, but has since been so impressed with the results of our Colour Splash powders that he intends on adding them to his collection of chocolate tools – big compliment for Colour Splash! 🙂

The range is truly wonderful for decorators and home-bakers out there wanting to explore new techniques and push their creative limits. The sparkling pearl powders are perfect for giving a glamorous lustre effect, while the matt colours are great for making more of a bold statement. Quite simply, the possibilities are deliciously endless!

We also stock a variety of other chocolate products to help you on your way to homemade chocolate heaven. Use your favourite products from the range to have a go at colouring your own chocolate and share your pictures with us on our Facebook page!

Happy decorating!





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